Offline 2v2 with myteammates but online with boss fight


Me and my friend sitting next to each other playing online. Same alliance, he sees me offline and I see him offline too. We can play online with boss fight but can’t connect on 2v2 because game sayswe are off line. What’s wrong?


That’s really odd. We’ll look into it, but first, are you and your friend within 800 medals of each other? Ranked 2v2 requires at most an 800-medal difference between teammates.


People talk about it here: Alliance members show as offline when they are online (sitting next to me!)

I don’t know about random 2v2, but for the past few days I’ve been seeing 0 members online even though there are a bunch of us chatting and we can play 2v2 when we select it from the alliance streen. I don’t know these people in real life.


Thanks for answerIng. Me 863 medals so should be ok. But still have this offline issue from time to time. Probably a bug? Maybe you could check it out. I’ll make screenshots off that offline info and try post it here


We’ll look into it, but that’d be very helpful. Thanks for your help!

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