Nuke Truck what a scam


Nuke truck is bullshit. No way it should be that powerful nooooo wayyyy. Reevaluate this unit

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Oh ya,it’s scary. Which factions are you playing?


If they don’t want it to be that powerful then they better give me a hell of a lot of coins back for the upgrades that I did to it. 90,000 coins each time? Yeeeah.


My biggest complaint with nuke trucks is that once activated, nukes don’t pick sides. If it blows up within radius of your own units or barriers, it should wipe them out as well.

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What would be the point in owning or using it then? It’s no different than any other unit that doesn’t attack it’s own.


Most other units can’t wipe an entire army by themselves. It doesn’t change that. The only thing it would change is forcing strategic placement. Right now its a very low risk, very high reward unit that can be placed just about anywhere on the map to find insane value.

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I do agree with this. 100%


Nuke Truck dmg is to high. Needs to be tuned down. In some Games there is no counterplay if u get 2-3 Trucks in a row


Hi all. We made some balance changes in 2.00.1 Please play it and post your thoughts in regards to Nuke Truck.

For sure it’s intended to be an interesting “counter play” for Roxie to pull out a Nuke Truck. Of course it always feels crappy in the moment when you feel like you’re winning a nuke truck turns the tide.
But it also adds depth of different strategies. Personally, I think it’s good if the game has enough depth for really skilled players to learn things like “I’m playing against roxie and the opponent has only played 1x Nuke truck. Chances are he’ll try to sneak one out if I ball up too many units in one lane. I better hold onto some cards in my hand so I have some tools to stop it when it comes”. Without some cards like Nuke Truck for some top players to learn to deal with, the game would become very shallow.


I have to disagree there. Considering how much the health has went down with the upgrade, I don’t feel like the damage should also suffer. One hit from a seraph now and my level 16 blows up. Honestly, without the trucks, they may as well just get rid of rogue altogether.

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