Now what what’s next

How long do we have to wait for 2v2 changes again? And the elimination of the mother fking scrap system. Give us an approximate time window , either that or let us know if you guys have given up on this game already. Let us know! We deserve to know.

Ur wasting ur time brudda this company gives no Fuccs about what we say or think of there game just know when it’s dead and gone and they try and make another game no one will play it

Yeah they don’t even reply anymore, it’s been fun.

Nope maybe they giving up on the game it’s no update coming any time soon they so this game is stuck in its current poor form for idk how long but the longer it stay this way the more players they lose and money those dummy’s

Or more money they gain. Idiots are still buying from them. At this point all people who made purchases should hit the apple store and demand a refund like others have. The reasons have been outlined. Thank goodness I didn’t break money on this game.

I did but when it was a good game never though the game would turn for the worse like it did and the developers have no clue of how to fix it or don’t have a desire to fix it. I mean when you like something you support it but it’s good to see how careless they are about there game and there player base

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