Nothing to do in the game


So I’m 3 weeks into the game. I got to rank 1 a week after the game started and I completed the worlds as well. Now, all I’m doing in this game is waiting 2 hours+ for ONE single match.

Where is the content? Is this game solely based on battles because it won’t work with such a low playerbase. It’s been 3 weeks and there hasn’t been a single content update to the game. The only thing that’s happened is you guys ruining a matchmaking system even more than it was already broken.

People are quitting left and right. Your top players in the game can’t even queue up for a single game anymore and we have nothing else to do than listen to people complain about how bad the game is in global chat.

Now, I just have a few questions which I hope to be answered (i’m sure many more feel the same way):

When will we get new content?
When will you fix the matchmaking issues and how do you plan on doing so?

I’d hate to see this game dying out and many others with me. However, if things do not get better, this game will die very very soon.

Just my 2 cents. Hopefully I get some answers :slight_smile:


We hear you, @Krissy. We have one more major update on the way before year’s end and the app stores shut down for the holiday season. Be on the lookout for more info sometime next week for an update on what’s coming for Wild Beyond! :giga_wink:


Awesome. Thanks for giving me hope :)!


Hi @Myth!

Thanks for the honest feedback. Personally, I definitely agree the game will benefit greatly from more fun stuff to engage with!

Not an excuse but an explanation: The game just came out less than a month ago and we’ve been putting a huge portion of our attention into trying to fix the bugs and issues we’re hearing from players. cough matchmaking cough

That said, not everyone on the team can pile onto working on bugs all day. We have a huge team of content designers hard at work on more content. We don’t want to ruin the game by pushing out badly designed stuff too quickly; One badly designed unit could ruin the game — we only want to do our best to release things which are well crafted, beautiful and balanced!

I hope you keep the patience to wait for our upcoming content releases – I’ve playtested the upcoming stuff and I’m personally very excited.


Thanks for the explanation. For what it’s worth, I second that there’s not much to do in the game. Lately I’ve been logging on to get my three multiplayer chests and then logging off. There’s not much incentive in battling without prizes. I’ve completed all the campaigns and there are barely any goals left. Not many people chat in my alliance or are on for long periods of time (probably logging on just to get their chests like I do), so I’m not sure what to do except log off and look for other games to play to fill my time.

Looking forward to the new releases.

PG. Yet another aspect not thought out

When I think about it, I stay on longer because of the alliance and community. There’s something rewarding about helping each other out and chatting about battles. Maybe some features to make a stronger community could be done, like gifting cards and diamonds to other players, winning alliance stickers to dress up the alliance board for other players to view, teaming up on the gauntlet, custom alliance individual challenges, etc.

This ties in with my previous suggestion about putting a Timesstamp on when users last logged in, and allowing alliances and players within the alliances to choose to duel each other in challenges.


These are all great ideas @Kier! We definitely want to built out our social features more in the coming year.

Could you elaborate a bit more on this?


Sorry that was vague… I was thinking ways for alliances to “brand” their team to feel a sense of belonging. For instance right now they have their own shield crest image, but I heard someone say that can’t be changed after it’s selected? Maybe they can earn more images depending on goals they complete? (SUGGESTION: Allow players to change clan logo)

There could be an alliance front page for the leaders and officers to post news and announcements that everyone can see, and tidbits to entice non-members to join.

There could be a chart on that page for Member of the week, member with most 2v2 battles, member with most donations, member with most wins, etc. leaders can then give prizes if they want.


The leader of my alliance just left because they got bored, so I’ve brainstormed more ideas…I’m feeling a little more bored myself. It has become a pattern playing battles.

Regarding the community ideas above, I actually don’t know if that is what this demographic wants judging by how many people use the forums. I may be in the minority.

At the moment I’m most excited about earning enough diamonds or tickets to play the gauntlet because it is something new and different every time.

Maybe most players want more intestering battles. What about unlocking different battlefields? There could be a ton of potential there. The battlefields can range from one that is more of a maze for special strategy to ones with interesting obstacles. Maybe the battlefields can be released within the alliance, kind of like the alliance is traveling together through each territory. And if they do a 2v2 with strangers, sometimes they will fight on their turf. Maybe they can decorate their home base turf with statues, flags, and more.

Do you have an estimated release date for new content? What kind of new content are we talking about here?


We’ll be posting release notes later today (or possibly tomorrow if there’s delays). There’s about 11 pages of information, so I think it’s worth the wait. :giga_gg: