Not receiving season tokens from alliance quest

Same here… half an hour into next quest my alliance hit the 10 mark and it gave me 25 but nothin for previous day☹️

I have also put in a ticket 5 days ago about issue no response

I’ve completed several event rewards for the 1k and 1.5k bonus for wins and those haven’t bin giving me the tokens as well. It’s adding up and season almost done neeedd this tokens please

Same. Didn’t receive 300 tokens that I was supposed to :thinking:

Yup happened again just now. Was playing 2’s with alliance and when I finally went to main screen and went to alliance, just GO button to start next quest :rage:

Happened again today!!! Anybody going to look at this? A lot of folks on global reporting same issue!

Yeah I didn’t receive my 600 tokens either. No ones bothering to reply to my messages about it too

I’m missing a bunch too! I thought it was just me!! It’s happened at least 4 or five times now!

Is anyone getting any sort of response at all??

Hi. Sorry, I responded to another thread but I forgot to port it over to this one as well.

I’ve read this thread and made a I’ve pointed it out to the engineer in charge of fixing it. He hopes to get it fixed before the next app sbumis

Thank you for reporting the problem so we could prioritize it appropriately.

It has happened to me as well, at least twice now. Please help and thanks

Hi @Merciless1 please send in a zendesk ticket.

More generally, if you need a response, please do not post to this forum! Please file a zendesk ticket in the app and we have a team of people to help you.

@Maxginsu If you haven’t already, please submit a support ticket for this, as we’re currently working on these on a case-by-case basis.

What’s your ticket number so we can look into it?

For anyone else who hasn’t submitted a report yet: Submit a Request

Sent it over 2 weeks ago in the contact us section of the settings menu. Im going back to my inbox and there is no record of the message. Looks like it didnt send. Now what do i do if i cant find ticket its regarding not receiving my season tokes for win rewards about 3-4 events ago on the 1.5 and one 1.7 season tken rewards and as well as the loss of tokens for the dailey quests. Once it reset i didnt claim the prize after and it proceeded to new quest approximately 10 k tokens were not received due to this bug. i finished rewards and nothing added to ballance during event.

just attempted to resend would not allow me the send was grey out so i went in my inbox and directly sent it now.

Are you making sure to fill out all required fields (marked with a red asterisk)? A Support ID is required so that we can locate your account.

What is a Zendesk ticket

Hi @Merciless1. Please open the app and then go to Settings => Help Center

You guys know darn well we prefer to post on here instead of zendesk, so why not adjust to us accordingly?

@PHNEWALLETKEYS I’m sorry I don’t know the answer.


ZenDesk (our support portal) exists for player privacy and as the primary channel for our team to resolve player-specific issues. There’s a high potential for privacy issues if people posted sensitive personal information here on the forum like their Support IDs, e-mail addresses, etc.

The forum is for community discussion. Without an appropriate channel for explicit support issues, there would be total chaos with people PMing staff who are not tasked or trained in solving individual player problems. Like personal e-mail, PMs on the forum aren’t viewable accounts other than the primary recipient, whereas our support system is designed for tracking, tagging, etc. of all player requests. It also has a number of important widgets and integrations that connect support tickets to their specific related bug tickets.

The short of it is that the forum is not at all designed for solving individual player issues, and our support portal exists for your privacy.

But that’s what email is for. I mean this isn’t really that big of a deal, compared to other issues, but I have personally found zendesk difficult to use. When I have something that needs personal attention, I prefer to email. I’m just stating my preferences, I won’t be using zendesk anytime soon.