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I just purchased the ultra beast mode pack (or whatever it was called) and as I opened the 5 Collossal Chests I didn’t receive all the cards into my decks. For example the vanguards maxed out at 450. It didn’t increase as I continued to receive more. Same with the T.E.D.D.Y.s and several others. Please check this. $100 is too much to not receive all the cards.


Unfortunately, this is a frequent occurence. I have notified the developers four times now that I am not getting the cards that are listed in chest drops. For example, if you have an Elite subscription, look carefully at the cards in the two chests that open for a multiplayer win: if the same unit is dropped in both chests, only the first chest will increase your total. The second will tell you that you are getting x2 or x3 cards but the total will be the same. The way I check is by taking a screen shot of each chest drop to check the cards. I would like to assume it’s an honest mistake but each of the times Inhave reported the problem, the developers have denied a problem exists (in spite of my photographic proof - screen shots).

General request to the community: Please check chest drops carefully and take screenshots, if necessary. It would be a real shame if this was a systematic effort by the developers to cheat players. Hopefully it’s just a mistake and they will fix it!


I’ve had this same problem with Colossal Chest purchases more than once. I’ll receive multiples of the same unit, but only the first drop actually counts towards my cards. Felt like an utter waste of $100. Its one of the bugs that I highly recommend be fixed in my Steps to Success thread as well


Same here, just purchased a $20 package and the 4 chests were exactly the same. Only the first chest increased my card count. I think this has been going on for awhile. I noticed it too when opening the two reward chests for elite packaging. I’m posting to my alliance feed and with a link on how to report. Maybe if multiple people report…they may fix it!


Thanks for reporting these - I’ll make sure the team looks at this. If you can make sure you a file a ticket with our support team, it will help because then we’ll have your support ID which 1) let’s us look at what’s happening for real players in the wild, and 2) helps us fix your specific situation.


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Hey all, we did some investigating into this chest issue you’ve all seen and discovered a visual issue with chest opening. The good news is that you’re definitely getting all the card contents from the chests you purchased. We’ll be working on fixing this in an upcoming update, but in the meantime I’ll explain:

What’s happening is that the green counter bar underneath each card is showing the end-result of opening all your chests on the first screen (instead of per-chest) when you happen to get the same unit in subsequent chests. This is due for an example.

Let’s say you have two Epic Chests you’re about to open, and they both contain Fortress Mechs.

  • Before opening these chests, you own 2/10 Fortress Mechs.
  • Epic Chest #1 contained 3x Fortress Mechs
  • Epic Chest #2 contained 4x Fortress Mechs

What you’d expect to see is:

  • Opening Epic Chest #1 would display a counter of 5/10 Fortress Mechs.
  • Opening Epic Chest #2 would display a counter of 9/10 Fortress Mechs.

What is actually displayed right now is:

  • Opening Epic Chest #1 displays a counter of 9/10 Fortress Mechs.
  • Opening Epic Chest #2 ALSO displays a counter of 9/10 Fortress Mechs.

This only happens if you get the same thing in multiple chests that you’re opening. It’s not only limited to chests from packs either. Players with Elite who get bonus Multiplayer chests may see this too. Thanks again for your reports of this issue, we’re working on it!

What is the point of maintaining elite with current set-up?
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