Not getting the correct xp from single and multiplayer wins

I’m lvl 13 and played around 10 matches and noticed I have not been getting any xp, is this a bug?

Is there a hard cap for how many xp you can get in a day?

Hi CruzD,

I’ve made a ticket referring to this issue. Can you confirm you’re playing in multiplayer!

Yes, I’ve been playing multiplayer matches with a win and I have not been getting any xp for it. You can check my replays

There is a capped daily amount of XP that can be earned. It takes around 10 wins to reach this amount right now. However, it’s worth mentioning that the cap is scaled to your PvP rank, so being in Gold for example has a higher XP cap than Silver (but still takes about the same amount of wins). We understand that this isn’t represented clearly in the UI and is something we’ll be fixing in a future update.

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