No tokens in Event chests

Is it intended to get no tokens for the new Units in the Event legendary chests?
Just feels not right if i would have known that i would not have bought a pack.
Makes me Want to get a refund. If u Click on the + sign right beside the tokens you get directed to the Event packs. There is no note that you dont get any tokens out of those Chests. Im very sad about that.

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I caught this problem earlier as well. If it isn’t a bug, event chests should definitely be labeled as not containing season tokens.

This is definitely a bug, which was hotfixed early this morning. Any event packs purchased now will have Seasons Tokens in them. We’re working on crediting back the players who bought packs since last night with the appropriate number of Seasons Tokens, but this may not be until early next week because it’s almost 7pm here on a Friday, and the office is starting to clear out.


Good to know. Is there a fixed amount for each pack we bought we get back? Or How do i know how many tokens i will get back now?

Seasons Tokens are in the process of being credited for folks who purchased Beast Mode Packs in the past event, but didn’t receive Tokens in their purchase. There’s a fixed range for Seasons Tokens for each chest in the pack, but we chose the higher value to determine the reimbursed amount. Sorry for the delay!

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