No one plays anymore

I’m really trying to hold out and keep playing in hopes that some of the changes made in the recent update are turned back and/or fixed but I’m beginning to think it wouldn’t matter.

So many players have stopped playing or barely log in it’s impossible to coordinate raids and on top of that everyone is upset about the 2v2 and ranking system so they don’t stay online if they even log in at all. Most people I talk to say they just show up for event and that’s about it.

I guess I just wanna get some discussion going on what is being done about this because I really enjoy playing, the actual matches are fun and addicting, but since the update there is no real incentive to play matches. Even if they gave everyone 50k coins for every match… the player base is running thin and I’m just not ready to delete the game after all the time energy and $$ I’ve invested

Yeah it’s unfortunate. I know I don’t play. At first I was hopeful based on s7’s responses in my thread but it’s been a week or so with nothing further so I don’t expect to be continuing to log in much longer.

I see that they’ve added leaderboards which is nice, but I see three faction this three faction that wording on everything. Not sure if there is a possibility for a one faction main to do anything on those but at this rate I’ll never find out.

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If you can, try to hold out at least one more month, there should be an adequate number of players that comprise a new dedicated player base by then. That’s my feeling anyway. Strange Sevens is not the first and certainly not the last game company to alienate their base players. If you’re not ready to give up the game, you might as well help the game keep as many new players as it can. Be active in global chat and get to know the new players and make friends with them. Not sure how many new players they average a week, but it’s become apparent that new players dominate global chat more and more.

Hopefully for you and other hardcore fans of Wild Beyond, Strange Sevens bring back ranks and introduce other social features that garner prestige and create a system where all your efforts are rewarded and meaningful; hopefully doing this sooner rather than later.

It sounds like you want a roadmap and some assurance of the direction the company is going with Wild Beyond. Hopefully they can answer that to your satisfaction soon. Last I heard, the major thing on their plate was monitoring the play patterns of 1v1 in the multiplayer arenas and once they have an adequate data set to perform an adequate analysis, they will incorporate 2v2 appropriately based on that analysis. Not sure though given the overall player base response to the update, how high a priority this is.

Not sure how long you have played Wild Beyond, but my advice moving forward, for any app game I play,

  1. I wait at minimum of at least 1 month before I make a purchase. Sometimes longer depending on other factors.

  2. Review the most recent and most critical reviews from other gamers.

  3. Take note of how many app games the developer has under its belt.

  4. Take note of the version history and how often it is updated.

  5. Send support any question or feedback you want to provide if you find you like the game after a few hours. Purpose being to gauge how easy it is to contact support, gauge response time, etc. and whether they meet your expectations.

  6. Visit their FB page.

Good luck :facepunch::sunglasses::yum:


That is some really great advice my friend. Thank you for taking the time to share that with me. I suppose your right, holding out a month or longer would give s7 a chance to address everything we’ve discussed and perhaps even build a new rank for myself among the newer player base. I’ve been playing since a few weeks before season 1 ended so I’m fairly established as far as unit, level, and skill is concerned. So I’ll reconsider where I stand in about 30 days just to see what happens

What’s the point in waiting? Rank up and try to be in the top 100 like everyone else. It’s still the same game, just without portraits (which will be coming)

It’s hardly the same game. I don’t care about portraits. I care about being competitive. I can’t even see how far I am from top100 which means I have no goal to set. No light at the end of the tunnel to chase after. Nothing that makes me feel like I’m doing well or improving. Sure the fights are the same but the motivation to fight is gone

2.5 has to be the worst update of any game in the history of video games. I was born in 1968 and started on a Commodore 64. Yup. I have some history here. In a single update you killed ranking. Killed 2 v. Finally finished off gauntlet. And managed to get rid of about 1/3 of the top alliance in your game. No one. I mean no one plays the. 2 v anymore. Single player is stupid. I bet with minimal effort I could be the top ranked player tomorrow.

Your solution is to put up the spreadsheet of the 2 v ranking. Players that played and paid to play were in alliances. Fought each other each night in 2 v matches. They wanted to see how different combos between the factions worked out.

Some of the best online friends I have made came through this game. Our solution, well we have a group of players from hod and RG playing together in COD mobile to see if you can recover.

Mind you. I love the game. One of the best I have played through the years. Good job on balance. A RTS card game that combined strategy and card type upgrading. But this update has been just a cluster. In trying to fix one complaint ( matchups ), you broke everything good about Wild Beyond.

I may just get to the 1 spot just to prove a point. Disappointed.


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Today was my 2nd login within the past week. To be fair, saw a few VERY ACTIVE rated alliances and quite a few ACTIVE rated alliances in the top 50 alliances. However at the same time I saw an incredible increase in the number of LOW ACTIVITY rated alliances.

Noticed that there is more recruiting in global chat nowadays (undoubtedly to fill the spots of players who have left the game) but didn’t recognize anyone from before v2.50

Of the most recent reviews in the App Store, still seeing an influx of new 1 star rated reviews. I did see one new 5 star rating.

Nice to see my alliance WAR_HORSES has moved up to a world rank of 36 BUT - our alliance quest rewards I collected today was 125 which by far was our lowest collected reward in our alliance history.

Glad to see some friendly players in alliance chat, but wow our once VERY ACTIVE alliance only has three players rated ACTIVE. I’m surprised I have a LOW ACTIVITY rating myself since I missed logging in 5 of the last 7 days. Maybe tomorrow I’ll become INACTIVE

Peace :facepunch::sunglasses:

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