No more crates, can't upgrade cards

Before the new update, we used to make more coins, and more importantly we had plenty of chests with almost always rare and epic card, sometimes legendary.

With the new system there aren’t crates anymore.
Your new system gives 1% legendary and 5% epic.

Not only did we use to have plenty of crates with nearly guaranty of epic cards, but the crates become much less accessible, and chances are so low.

And with the monthly crate gone, say byebye to being able to upgrade your rare, rare or unique cards!

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Yeah I would like to see the developers show us the math they think makes this work. With a base 12 legendary cards a player will literally never be able to upgrade any to level 17 starting from scratch in this system. If you want to come out and say legendary is purchased only then do that or show us how it’s supposed to work.

Of course you can still upgrade cards!

You just need to take out a 2nd mortgage to pay for it…

That just means the game is now working as intended

I do feel bad for the top players like us who are pretty much slower down since newer upgrades will be even slower to come than season units (Devs, is this your intention???).

But I do feel even worse for the new players who missed not only season units but won’t be able to upgrade their normal units. you’re gonna see players stuck with lvl 10-12 epic-legendaries forever…

They will never catch up unless they spend buckloads on random crates with 5% epic and 1% legendary.

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