No login into forum from outside the game is possible


Hello S7 team,

You activated SSO for this discourse forum. So the only way to connect to it and authenticate your account to be able to post messages is from the game itself.
This is VERY unhandy! Especially for posting screenshots.

Please provide other ways to authenticate.
I.e. via Facebook or google accounts or other federation services if you don’t want to verify the email addresses yourself.
Then the forum is usable from other devices and OSes too (like Windows or Linux or Android)

Thx and bye

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Hi @ZeltaZum!

For sure this is something we would like to improve.

It’s on our backlog, but honestly not towards the top of the list. We try to prioritize our work by how many people it would effect and how much it would affect them — currently the number of people who use the Forum functionality is pretty small so it doesn’t feel like we should prioritize improving it until we’ve “fixed” issues which more people are running into and feel strongly about (e.g., matchmaking).


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