No incentive to play after hitting coin cap

I really suggest adding ranks back into arenas. There are many times I found myself playing without earning chests in the old system and that was because of the reason most of us even play this game, to climb through the ranks. It was fun to see how high I could climb on the leaderboard and how quickly I could get to champion every month. Iโ€™ve even had competitions with other champions as to who could get there first. I love seeing my teammates move up too and seeing all of them reach new heights every month especially since most of us play together often. Now it just feels blah. No borders, no leaderboard and no way of knowing how good or bad anyone is doing. I was actually really excited for the month just 24 hours ago. I was able to climb as high as 3rd place and was one of the first handful of champions which was a new milestone for me. And Iโ€™m sure the usual top 10 finishers were eager to kick me out. I wanted to see how long I could maintain it over the course of the month and now thatโ€™s just gone. I hit the coin cap and pretty much stopped queueing since I didnโ€™t see any reason to keep going.


Thanks for the note. Our intention is that after the level 17 arena, there will be a series of arenas (silver, gold, โ€ฆ) to work through with the classic ELO & rank reset shipment system.

We wanted to see how all of this played out before building it. And see if thereโ€™s enough players at the top to split it up even more :sweat_smile:

If thatโ€™s the case the current 17 arena stars are ridiculously too high I hope this is a bug but theyโ€™re set at 50k each so, at a 100% win rate it would still take people 25k games to get ONE
Also, I hope you guys will allow us to advance one faction at a time many of us donโ€™t have maxed cards across all factions and forcing us would either make the ones who do play all bots or have HUGE wait times


We put this in as a placeholder until we figure out the right thing to do at the top :slight_smile:

I really recommend yโ€™all put back in rank borders(arena borders?) around our profiles not cloudy for people who pass the champion arena.I think itโ€™ll give more incentive to play through them


Also the coin cap seems to be the same for everyone? 26k a day is way too low to be the highest possible. As a champion rank we used to get 12k a day from daily bonus and that didnโ€™t include what we got from chests. Coins are supposed to be more abundant now and I donโ€™t really see a big increase.


100% this.

Iโ€™ve gotta say, Iโ€™ve been completely confused by what Iโ€™m supposed to be doing in-game/working for since the upgrade. I have no idea, and Iโ€™ve not had fun trying to figure it out. The UI is not helpful for figuring out the new objectives of the game, the value of wins, or anything having to do with โ€œrecruitmentโ€ and upgrades. It just feels clunky and cobbled together as a game.

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Daily coin cap is based on number of stars you have

The coin cap currently goes up to 32k.

Previously, top champion players played 4 or 5 sets of chests per day (6 at most). These top players got up to 26k coins daily (average; could be lower or higher depending on luck getting pink chests) from this (including the 12k first win bonus).

Most players averaged less than this, in part because chests forced you to play the game at weird times (play 3 games, then wait a few hours). The new arena system gets rid of this time gating โ€“ you can now play a bunch of pvp matches and get your coins all at once, or spread it throughout the day as best suits your schedule.

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