New war “rewards”

This is literally made to psychologically force players in spending more money and play these predatory events.

Also, this whole alliance war thing is just a contest in which alliance spends more money than the other.


Source or this information? I’m not seeing it.

Thanks. I don’t like this idea at all. Reward the winner, don’t rip off the loser.

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That’s what I’m saying… it’s just gonna increase the PTW of this game which sucks cause now people that are free to play are not gonna have ANY chance in event. Then they can’t yet the legend for 1st place or any good rewards.

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It should be a coin reward instead of stealing tokens from the losing alliance. What good are tokens anyway if you can’t even get enough coin to level up your units. And while I’m on the subject… the level restrictions on season token prizes is ridiculous. How do you expect new players to gain any new units if they don’t have a high enough level to unlock the prizes before they expire and don’t have enough coin to upgrade their current units to gain XP in order to level up high enough to gain access to these prizes… it’s starting to feel like these new implementations are designed to drain the bank accounts of your player base. Not cool

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Exactly what it’s meant to do!

Would be better if you could decide who you wanted to war but it’s totally random.

It’s a pissing contest even more so now. Whichever alliance spends the most money wins. We are competing against TDA and they’re winning because they have a bunch of ridiculous whales on their team.

But!! Just remember guys, this is in beta right now. They’re accepting feedback and listening. It’s not a permanent feature yet.

Also, you’re not stealing season tokens from the other team that they have already earned. No one has these tokens yet. The better your team does, the less tokens the other team gets.

I have 36 wins and very few losses and I’m getting 5 medals per win and going down? Was in first place now in second 100 medals behind because of this. No chance of catching up. May as well lose cause I get the same amount of medals


I just put a post about the same thing. It’s time for transparency in the medal rewards.

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Already responded Lyth

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When an event war starts, there is a prize pool of season tokens. The winner will earn the lion’s share the prize pool. We use the verb “steal” to try to explain that the prize pool is fixed, and that teams are competing against each other (not too unlike the ranked leaderboard … if someone gets first, someone else will fall to second, etc.).

I apologize for the details about how the prize pool works not being well explained for our first war with prizes. The war screen has been updated with a lot more detail about how it works – and a button at the top to take you to those details (which are a bit hidden at the bottom of the page). Here’s what it currently says (still working on improving its description):

  • tl;dr Win more event medals than the other team to get season tokens and move up the alliance leaderboard!
  • Players with less than 2,000 event medals will not receive any war prize.
  • To win more season tokens, you need to win the war!
    • The winning team steals season tokens from the losing team’s prize pool. Wars are a zero-sum fight!
    • Win by a larger margin of event medals to win a bigger prize.
    • If you lose by 30% or more, your team will not earn any prize.
  • Win wars to increase your team’s Rating.
    • Your team’s Rating goes up when it wins a war, and down when it loses.
    • Your team’s Rating is what determines its rank on the alliance leaderboard. It also determines your team’s maximum war prize.
    • Teams rated 7,000 or higher earn up to 2,250 season tokens.
    • Teams rated 5,000 or lower earn up to 500 season tokens.
    • To earn the maximum prize, your team needs to win with at least 30% more event medals than your opponent. Barely beating your opponent rewards fewer tokens.
      • For example, if my team was warring an opponent and both of us were rated 7,000 or higher, then the total prize pool would be 2,250 season tokens. If my team barely wins, we’d earn 1,688 tokens and our opponent would win the remaining 562 tokens. If my team was able to win by a lot (30%) or more) then we’d win the entire prize pool of 2,250 tokens while our opponents would win nothing at all.

Congrats on your win; it looks like you all had a tough war, but hopefully those are also the most interesting ones! Easy wins aren’t that fun imo. Also, event war outcomes aren’t correlated with money spent … they are, however, strongly correlated with the team who uses a higher percentage of their available, free tickets (i.e., teams whose members are active).


Or people who are paying for the way over priced tickets that aren’t worth it when you win 5 medals

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I was on board with everything you said until you mentioned that winning an alliance war has nothing to do with spending money lol. The thing is, we all know better and see right through all of it. While it’s fun, it absolutely is determined by how many times each team member can refresh tickets and win.

Of course spending money can only help (since players cannot lose medals). However, because medals plateau in line with skill, buying endless quantities of tickets is not an effective way to improve your team’s score. Though buying stronger cards will probably raise your skill/effectiveness and therefore your medals. This is probably the best way to spend money long-term to improve your effectiveness (though long-time, dedicated players will also forge very competitive decks!). (I just posted about the skill plateau here, if you’d like to read more about it: Number of medals rewarded)

I’m still baffled how anything is tied to “skill” when the system rigs the matchmaking against good players to match them against opponents roughly 10-25% stronger than you. Sorry, no skill involved in this. You guys have married the horrible matchmaking system to the horrible medal system. It’s a symbiotic train wreck. Medal awards should be static. If the whales want to dump cash to win, fine. If you don’t like that, then don’t sell additional tickets. Now the field is even. Matchmaking needs power brackets, period, not excuses.


Or if you want people to be able to get extra tickets just limit the total to a reasonable number like 3 sets a day. Yes people willing to spend will have an advantage but not the advantage of unlimited spending. Many people can afford the 75, 115, and 165 tickets for the first 3 sets of tickets so it’s not an overwhelming advantage.

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Wrong. The events are a pvp event…the more you spend on this game the higher your team. As we know this games pvp events are totally broken, as in a level 12 team is matched against level 15+ teams with zero chance of winning, it is a ptw game and event. This game had a good chance to be a fun game but due to the incompetence of the designers…it’s not going to last long. Sad.

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