New update ignores some of the biggest problems

What about the issue of coin purchases from the seasonal tree not being scaled properly? I also had an issue where I was charged Triple season tokens for an unlock, will that be fixed as well? Please address the more major issues that this update has created, while players not being able to get in is a big one that needs fixing, these other ones are too, and are on a limited time frame due to the season having a literal ticking clock. Please restore my 21k season tokens that just vanished. Also, the forums have been super buggy, limiting the view to only the current line while typing a post or comment, making editing and spell checking near impossible. Not a priority but still needs to be addressed.

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I second the forum bug. It’s obnoxious
I also just lost all my damn chats again. AGAIN! Just made a post about that. Pretty sure that’s been going on for months and they just sweep it under the rug

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Hey Chuckles,

I checked the queue and looks like support responded to your season token question - see the ticket or message me for details. The coin scaling you have two options - you can either redeem now and send in a ticket and we will credit you 800x any coins purchased, or early next week we will replace with diamonds of equivalent value to the coins in the old system, so you can purchase freely at that point as well. Re: the forum issue, I think that is handled by our forum provider - I’ll send that up to our forum administrator on our end to see if they can figure out what is going on.

I saw the other post, I’ll pass this bug along to the team to see what we can do.

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Thanks buddy, I appreciate it. As you can tell, it’s incredibly frustrating and it downright pisses me off

Yea they did, I responded to it this morning for trouble shooting purposes, thank you.

@S7Dragon how can we purchase coins with diamonds? That component of the store has been removed.

You can purchase coins directly when you are out of coins and try to upgrade/spend coins anyways. The rate (coins per diamond) improves the further you are in the campaign; we will look to add bulk purchases back to the store soon.

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