New Quest: Get 70000 gold from Mines

Here’s the issue:

  1. It requires your ally to join in order to progress.
  2. Your ally gets nothing - so less encouraging for them to waste their time.
  3. You have to grind hours to reach a “decent” level.
  4. That decent level still wont get you 70000 gold in a month.
  5. Currently average of players will get 200-500 gold per hour (that is if you have no life and check every hour) and would at least take you 3-4 months to get that 70,000 gold quest done.

It’s a tedious grind, to be sure. Not 3-4 months, but over a week in many cases. It’s suuuuuuch a grind, and since quest rewards are a major source of coin, there’s not much choice.

For sure, the assisting player should be awarded something.

Gold Mines will feel more natural for new players who work their way up with gold mines from the start. Unfortunately, our stronger players are faced with all that gold mine leveling up all at once which isn’t ideal. Sorry you won’t experience the more gentle investment in leveling up the gold mine that we’re hoping to hit for new players.

So screw the long time players? We don’t need to finish quests? Sorry you are just too high for us to give a damn about?

Fix this! People are quitting every day, more will quit, if I can’t play the quests which was a major part of the tiny amount of coin you are allowing us why should I bother to play?

I wouldn’t say that; I guess i was just pointing out the obvious, which everyone here already knows (so not that helpful … sorry). Though it’s a hard grind for long-time players, we didn’t see an obvious alternative – skipping some levels, perhaps, but that was risky (tech-wise) and might not have felt fair either to players who had to start at the beginning. I’ll chat with the team about the quest requirements and make sure they’re properly balanced.

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Dave what is the cap amount for a mine to put out? Even maxed out how many hours will it take to generate 60000 or 70000 gold?

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Why don’t we get a boss battle credit for helping out our teammate? It just feels really bad to not get anything for helping our allies out.


I second this.

Why don’t we get a boss battle credit for helping out our teammate? It just feels really bad to not get anything for helping our allies out.

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I like the idea too, assuming the boss & level you’re helping beat is one you’ve already fully cleared. (e.g., if I’m on Pvt Pyle level 10 then helping my teammate beat Pvt Pyle level 1 probably shouldn’t count as progress towards my level 10 boss). I’ll discuss with the team.

Dave any help is help. When you lowered the number of times to beat a boss to advance the bosses level you had the unintended consequence, or possibly intended, of making progress toward higher mines much harder.



You took away an income source of currency (bosses), and while the old system could be annoying you replaced it with a system that a veteran player would have to play 100s or 1000s of games to be earning the equivalent currency as before. That’s a trash move that looks greedy and predatory. It’s besides the point that bosses earn the least rewarding currency in the game you still have chosen to remove it.

As a response to the mistake you made a change immediately. All you did was make it tougher to get to the equivalent earning levels as before.

You’ve taken away long standing sources or currency and cards and put in blockades to prevent us from returning to previous levels without spending dozens of hours.

Your response is. “That sucks to be a veteran player, new players won’t mind this change.” No response and complete radio silence would have been a better look.

Sorry, @Negat1ve. Gold Mines were designed primarily for newer players, and we failed to release them in a way which made them fun and appealing to our most talented players. I regret that it was released in that condition. Bosses weren’t providing useful currency before, so I don’t miss them – many of our elder players only bothered with them for quests. Mines do provide less gold, though few of our top players were really in need of more gold either (though for those who were, I apologize for the slight reduction in it … most is still earned from events and season prizes at least).

Like I wrote in another post, our awesome accomplished players like yourself find themselves with a lot of “catch up” to do that they would’ve normally done while leveling up over several months. Unfortunately, this impedes completing recruiting expeditions at high levels, and I’m sorry for that. We wanted to make this transition smoother, but for various reasons we couldn’t. We’re planning to replace recruiting expeditions with different sources of coins in the next big release (so this issue will become redundant), and in the meantime Allied Raids provide a new source of coins (it doesn’t fully cover recruiting expeditions for top players who were doing lots of quests, but it helps a little).

Mines will be worth unlocking, but it’s okay to spread out the grind and not rush too hard to level it up (which I know from first-hand experience is pretty rough).

Sorry we weren’t able to orchestrate a smoother launch for our best and most dedicated players. We’ll try to make future transitions better.

Obviously I don’t know what the reasons are you couldn’t make the transition smoother but you should have made an attempt.

You say that this is intended to be done over a long period of time. Just credit everyone with an appropriate level gold mine base on their time spent. I haven’t thought about what that would look like but off the top of my head I assume xp would be the fairest metric for this.

Lvl 75 max mine. I have no idea what that is lvl15? Lvl70 lvl14 mine. Level 65 lvl 13 mine. Etc.

I’ve thought about that too, but we’re going to instead credit diamonds for the recruiting expedition inconvenience (Card draw bug?). Our advanced players can work through the mines at whatever pace they’d like – the rewards aren’t motivating for them now imo, and it’s fine if you choose to not do them (recruiting expeditions are going away, so don’t do mines just for them at this point).

Dave the economy has sucked and you guys haven’t listened, you made it worse with this mines/quests issue and now say oh well quests are going away. This is the WORST customer service ever. You depend on player who invested a great deal of money in this game to keep them around as they are invested. There is a saying about biting the hand that feeds you and look at how many olayers have quit the game in the last week. What are you guys thinking. And not for nothing I have found a number of the replies insulting, basically reads as oh well suck it up, we are changing things next update anyway.

I have to say, I am generally a very mellow, calm person. All of this nonsense with economy, bugs, mines, being ignored while spending real money to support your game, etc, etc, has made me frustrated and angry. It’s all I can do to not curse in my replies. I don’t like what this game is doing to me.

I want to play, have fun, and not be angry that I am wasting hard earned money and being screwed over for it.

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Sorry Lyth. We’re a step behind you, and trying our darndest to catch up.


You want an easy solution? Reduce the quest from 50k to 70k to reasonable levels for the rest of the season. 10k to 20k. At the top of next season move the bar up another 10k. Etc etc. move the bar at the top of the season after we have had time to grind away at these bosses. Can’t imagine changing the bar can be terribly difficult to accomplish.

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