New Players and the new Arena System

I’m trying to picture the experience of newer players in the arena system, who don’t have any cards maxed out and might actually be entering an arena level on the low end. It sounds like there’s a good chance starting players with mostly basic cards are potentially going to be facing lots of “squashed down” decks with multiple orange cards that are maxed out for that arena level, if players that are maybe somewhere in the middle are looking to grind for some rewards.

I’m not trying to be critical, honestly - I’m actually just hoping our S7 forum friends might elaborate on the experience they see folks brand new to the game might be encountering here. Having played for only a few months and experiencing some of the recent significant economy changes has been the pace of advancement and trying to catch up without the grind not feeling worth it. Since what the game really needs is more new players I hope that this experience had those new comers factored in, I’d I’d like to get more info on that, is all.

Thanks in advance if you choose to comment!

Thank you for the feedback. The description in the release notes isn’t a perfect explanation of how it’ll work —- I suspect a lot of the opinions will be very different once you can see it in your hands.

I honestly don’t expect many players will choose to play in arenas below their own punching power.

Each arena pays out drastically more coins per win than the previous arena. While you could go to an arena way below your power level and have a very high winrate, you’d be generate drastically fewer coins per win. You’d have to win 10x-100x-1000x more battles in earlier arenas to net as many coins as you would get playing in the appropriate arena for your card levels.

If it turns out this is still a problem with players punching down too much, we can easily add some sort of restriction disallowing players from playing arenas way below their card levels.

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What if in the arenas you wish to nerf your level even beyond the cap to play with newcomers or challenge your strategy or skill. Example, you enter a lv 12 capped arena at lv 11 to try your skill.

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