New overtime rules


The new overtime feature is bafflingly stupid, you can be in complete control of the game, and because they got a single tap on your base at some point in the game, you lose. This eliminates using your barriers, and even your base as a way to bide time and launch a counter unless you can be certain you will win before overtime - please reconsider this terrible change in gameplay, it thoroughly kills strategy.


Overtime is useless. Time runs out way to fast. Whats the Point in OT when i have 5 Units on the Field and the Enemy played all his cards and my Units still cant reach the Enemy base fast enough cause OT is to short. And then the Game is lost cause my Base Took only a Little scratch more then the enemys…


Yup if you lost two barricades then there is no chance to win even enemy has no card or unit. Every gives chance to comeback but OT just destroyed that.


Hi @Relai @Loo @MARSHALL3 ! Thank you for the feedback. We’ll be carefully monitoring the change over the next few weeks and making further adjustments as necessary. If people have feedback, please keep it coming. We’re listening!


Ok, if you are listening/reading new overtime really makes no sense. How can a team be in control of a battle yet overtime ends and you lose? This just makes rush decks even more OP than they were already! If you are strategic enough and turn around a rush and gain control…you lose because overtime runs out and you didn’t get enough hits on the counter attack of their base. Dumb. Let the battles finish out as they used to.


These new overtime rules absolutely suck. Does anyone that works for the company ever actuallly play the game?

Completely in control of the battle, and you lose because some imbecile implemented idiotic rules. You should all be fired.


This is the first time i even open the forum and i came exactly for this reason. Overtime sucks! People before me have said it well enough; there have been times where i overturned the battle, with my base hp under half, and procedeed to win. Now, there is no chance of that. Plus, if the rebells sneak one atomic before overtime, you are screwed.

Why change something that works? I understand imporvement on the game, but if something works, you do. Not change it!!!

I will seriously think it i will play anymore because its very frustrating.


Overtime is not a great thing. In most battles the only reason I win is because of fight it out but now it’s nearly impossible to win when your base health is going down but you might have some strong units out that attack the other players barrier or base but it might just be your base or barrier is much lower health and there’s no coming back from that.

Overall Overtime is awful compared to fight it out I would rather have fight it out than overtime.


Agree with everything said above


It could be better. What about keeping the shield degrade the same but not making your base health start losing HP?


Wanted to add my voice to how much the new Overtime sucks. If your opponent draws first blood you are almost guaranteed to lose. I’ve clawed my way back from the brink, flooded the field with my troops and am dominating games and suddenly lose because of how Overtime works. This is a frustrating way to lose.


It’s unbelievable how much overtime blows. It’s as if you deliberately designed it so that the losing side would be handed wins. Brilliant!!


I know I’m the odd one out on this, but I really don’t mind the new overtime rules. Granted I had to tweak my deck, and refine my playstyle to adjust, but I’m actually starting to like it.


Absolutely true…speaking as an imbecile, I won several battles today that definitely should have gone to the other team. When their base blew I was shocked…they were beating me on every level.


Why is it necessary to limit battle time…they will end soon enough if left to play out without manipulation…no one has more than 20 units to play. After all, the big problem seems to be creating matches. Once you have players engaged in a match…why not let it run.


I agree with the OP. Having spent some time getting used to it I have to say I like Overtime. I like that it takes into account how much shields you have left, giving an advantage to the side that has defended each shield well over the side that has attacked hard on one lane while sacrificing the other. I like that it favors the side that has cards left to play over the one that has blown through cheap assets fast but failed to secure victory. It may not be a perfect solution. I could find room to complain. But overall I think it’s better than Fight It Out.


I think the overtime changes are pretty right on. No idea what people are talking about “controlling the whole match” if their base got dinged and they haven’t got past enemy shields.
Overtime is now dynamic and creates new strategies


Count me in on the list of people who think the new overtime sucks. There have been several games where I played strategically enough to make a comeback, only to lose at the end without the opponent even touching my base. If I have managed to stave off the attack and have units on his side of the map while he has none on my side, I should not be the one who loses in that scenario.


I have also won when I otherwise would’ve lost because of OT. I’ve lost when I should’ve won as well. I’m more of a fight to the death fan than this OT junk. It eliminates the need to strategize with your cards.


Overtime gives too much advantage to early moves and makes it less likely a counter attack is successful. Mounting a successful comeback was one of the best features of this game. Now it seems like it’s all just the luck of the inital draw. If 4 of your first 8 cards require an upgrade, and your opponent gets three mech bears you have no chance to counter. These new rules feels like a move to just end games quickly like a restaurant clearing your table before you finish your salad.