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Hello, I am writing this post to ask how is everyone enjoying the new event matchmacking. To be honest I am finding it quite frustrating, since in the last three games I got matched against a level 15 and two level 14 Kuros who just melted every single unit I played (my commander is lv 11 with units between 9 and 11). Maybe I am just unlucky or not good enough, but it seems to me that the average level of my opponents got a bit higher after the update. Is it just me or is someone else having a similar experience?

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MM does‘t work for me also.

Hi @Mc597

I just looked through your event battle history. At first glance, something does “look wrong” to me. That said, I’m not one of the people who personally works on the matchmaking codebase. I’ve asked one of the people who is more familiar with this to look at your case.

Thank you, I couldn’t play a lot during this mid-week event, but when I could log in and play some games the Matchmacking looked much more balanced (Most of the people people I play against had my same commander level) and it was way more enjoyable.

Hi @Mc597. Someone from our team looked through your event battle history.

For sure there are some streaks where you lost 5x battles in a row. But there were also streaks where you won 5x battles in a row. You generally on average are winning about half your battles, which is the thing we are targeting to be true with our system.

For sure it feels crappy when you have a losing streak. We have ideas around how to make this feel a little better in the future.

Great to hear that, keep up the good work :+1:

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“we don’t have a good match making system rn, so we’ll make arbitrary reasons as to why mm doesn’t work”

Well, that’s about the experience I described in my first post, but I’m still trying to be positive :sweat_smile:

I just hate being told I supposedly have an at least 40% chance to beat any opponent. That means that if you are skillful enough, you should be able to increase that percentage, not have the system arbitrarily go about creating the desired results because these numbers are all factored into a bottom line financially, and skilled players don’t have to pay for rewards if they can win them fairly and properly.

That is true, I understand the 50-50 win thing. It seems it is being implemented in the wrong way. Ideally I should be paired with an equally skilled and leveled player, then the 50% will slowly increase if I am good enough to beat players as my skill level get higher and decrease when I meet a more skilled opponent who wins against me, however right now the game seems to slam you against much stronger players (at least in term of card levels) as soon as you break that 50% barrier.
That said it is quite difficult to do as I described because in this game You not only have player skill, but also unit and commander level in the equation.
Also not having a huge player base makes things more difficult for the algorithm, because you may not have a player available with the desired skill and level requirement available at all times to provide you with a fair match.
You could also read the problem from the “trying to push you towards spending money to increase your level with unfair matchups” point of view, but I like to think this is more of a tecnichal problem.
Sorry for the wall of text and my not so fluent english

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I think you are very well spoken, I thought it was perfectly worded so no apologies needed. But I agree with you, in regular 1 v 1, but when plays are limited inside events and I’m in leagues with people who have level 16 commanders, they are going to have a much easier chance beating those maxed players because they are so much closer to them. I feel like I’m supposed to be in the 152 lbs weight class, but became the champ of that and 160 lbs so they threw me with the 200 lbsers just to solve the problem. Like I said I don’t mind this in regular play but when those losses all put me further behind much stronger players, it’s just like I’m hitting my head against a wall trying to get somewhere doing so

That is a very valid point. The fastest solution might be making leagues a bit smaller in size, so the average level of all players in a given league for the event is closer and you would have less matches against both much higher and much lower level players (I can imagine that a level 8 player would be frustrated fighting my lv 11 commander as much as I am fighting someone with a lv 14 commander).

Edit: by smaller I mean to reduce the difference between the maximum and minimum unit score allowed in a certain league.

Oh, I get it now. So new matchmaking system is about 50% win rate, and gives you opponents to stay close to these rates. But this means skill is nothing. Like, zero impact. If you can beat most of the same lvl players, you will face higher and higher lvl opponents until you have your 50%. What is the point to hard try then? Only number of plays matters, and only amount of tickets bought. Are any of devs considering this mechanics “fun”? I start this game 3 weeks ago and was able to win 5 events in a row. And I know I’m above average player because many times I’ve met champion-rank players at gauntlet and won. And then you rebalance events and I’m only facing players from my lvl to 3-4 lvl higher, and I cant even get to top10 with forced “50%”. By the way, units has 12% bonus to hp and damage with each level up. Thats means 1.12*1.12 = 1.2544 => 25% bonus to units performance. And 3 lvl difference means 1.2544^3 is more than 1.97, so, basically, units becomes 2 times better with every 3 lvl(not considering armor that also grows). How am I suppose to enjoy playing against players with each units two times better than mine?

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You aren’t supposed to be winning unfortunately, a win isn’t supposed to come with less than $100 per event and three months of playing

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