New last update sucks (no any 2v2) keeps the same

Members don’t play anymore for missing included 2v2 in multiplayer choice. And this new update took all coins we have in Raid.

They just gave you them back. They are working on fixing things and have made quite a few changes. Give them a little slack… I think they have done a really great job in lieu of all the complaining they get daily.


We warned them this would happen over and over again LONG BEFORE the update and were ignored, they moved forward and for most of us they destroyed the game. What does it say that most of the two top guilds in this game are now playing other games? We are mostly still around here too waiting to see if they will listen to us and fix things. However we feel no reason to “cut them slack” as the close minded nature of their actions make us frustrated and fed up.


Then don’t play. I think they have done quite a bit to listen and improve the game. We can agree to disagree on that topic… but all the people on here just complaining and saying how they are going to leave then do it already. Or don’t and stop whining.

No they have focused on one issue mainly matchmaking. They have said it again and again. “Matchmaking is the #1 compliant”, “we need to tear down the walls to fix the foundation”. I’m sorry you don’t like hearing legitimate feedback but we are players who love this game and understand it from a players point of view way better than the people making changes whatever they say about it. Many of us have spent a fair amount of money on the game as well. We have every right to complain, comment, and give feedback. You telling us if we don’t like it don’t play is ridiculous.


You saying you understand the game better than the coders and developers of the game is ridiculous. So the fans should tell the NFL his to play the game and what the rules are? Fans pay a lot of money for the tickets and jerseys… I don’t see the NFL with a forum like this.

As far as legitimate feedback, yes let’s provide it. But a lot of what people do on here is bitch and complain and threaten to leave ( over and over again). Come to the table with solutions not just crying.

I’m saying what looks good on paper and in spreadsheets isn’t always what works when you play the game. There are hundreds of examples of games that went bad when the devs decided a course of action that the players hated. Comparing this game or any online game to the NFL is not even close to reasonable and we don’t play football for the NFL we just watch the games. You bet the actual NFL players tell the owners when their coaches are doing a terrible job.

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