New issue with the Campaign

@S7campusLifer, @S7Dragon, @S7Dave I finally beat world 6-40 tonight, it took a bunch of tries and I think I had a pretty perfect draw order and then it gave me an unexpected internet error, reloaded and it didn’t count. This was ridiculous, it was clearly triggered by winning the battle I didn’t actually have any internet issue. What’s up with this?

Added: I went and beat it a second time and it happened again and this time I took screen shots. It gave me the victory screen then went back to the campaign screen and showed the zone as defeated and that’s when it gives the error, reboots, and resets it to not defeated. I would post the screen shots here but for some reason I’ve never been able to add them in my posts.

Not suprised. I finished my campaign almost immediately after the new missions dropped and it’s says I’ve only completed 233. Upside @Lyth is that you should already be earning your max coin /hr bonus of 244k/hr even before completing the last mission.

@S7campusLifer, @S7Dragon

And it just happened a third time, got screenshots again.

@S7campusLifer, @S7Dragon
Some people have now passed me on the leaderboard indicating whatever this bug is isn’t affecting everyone. But I’ve one 3 times now and get the same bug every time and I have yet to hear a response from S7?

I was ninth in the campaign leaderboard. Last time I checked I was at 90 bc of the 233 issue. Don’t expect it to be fixed. @Lyth if the devs fix a single thing in the game, do you really want this to be it? I’d let it go lol.

I don’t know it would be nice to actually be able to finish the campaign and get credit for it. Then again playing it is an easy 20 quest points that I understand goes away when you finish it since they don’t know to design a quest line so everyone can do every quest.

@S7campusLifer, @S7Dragon

Well I beat it 2 more times this morning and it bugged each time and I got screenshots again. It would be nice to at least get some recognition of the bug considering it clearly isn’t affecting everyone since people are passing me on the leaderboard now…

I beat it twice more today, it looked like the bug took time to happen so I rushed through the follow up screens the second time and even got to claim the quest for beating it before I got the same bug and it reset itself yet again…

I’m really getting fed up of not even getting a response to what is a fairly major bug report. Can’t finish your campaign because it keeps bugging out.

I now have a whole bunch of screen shots of this happening. They all look about the same…

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