New graphics kills a game


I don’t like new graphics from the last update, and please STRANGE 7 get the old graphics back.

If not, I leave the game, with my donations.

Sorry, but I can’t play with this desgusting SD outlook.

If you’re referring to the Lightning Walker and the Confronter tank looking a bit different, that is a bug that we are now aware of and are working on a fix. If this is referring to something else, please let us know what exactly the issue is, and we will investigate. Thanks for letting us know!

@S7Dragon Good night, glad to hear from you soon.
Yes you are right, confronted tank and lightning walker are the ugliest at this time. But, I am also telling about cartillery, rogue fraction tank and the units and commanders at all + maps. Units now have different shape and collision models the graphics is different, they chine like a metallic jewerelly and also fuzzy, maps are again not in the graphics shown before! Chrystals for power plants, trees and also ground is now in more detailed and aggressive colors. Units and maps have lost color sinergy and now are looking like metal pars of something and the game has lost its first cartoon-targeted graphics. Please return it, your game was the last with this original gameplay + cartoon graphics but now it is lost:((((((( - in the deck units are different from thre last update
The same units outlook is in the battle
:pray:t2:crying for help​:pray:t2:return last update outlook​:pray:t2:sd graphics awful:(
Thank you, STRANGE 7

The way the Skysweeper looks in the screen after a match also looks to have suffered in the upgrade.

Thanks! We’ll have a look at Skysweeper as well.

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