New Event Reward System

So I posted about this earlier but maybe a bit too harsh, but seriously I’m diamond leagues now, consistently get matched with people who have an avg. troop level of 14 and that’s not a problem, I figure it out and win, I’m in first place rn but my rewards have been cut almost in half. You privately messaged me saying that it should be the same rewards as before with troop levels higher than level 10 but this isn’t true at all because every one of my troops are above level 10 and I’m still in the 2.5x reward section. So now the grind is even just that much more extreme.

Even If I am at a lower level than you I have to agree. I used to place in top 20 to 50 in the past events (sometimes even top 10), and that gave me a decent amount of season coins, now I feel that the only way I can reach at least one of the new legendaries is by dropping a ton of cash in chests. (Btw we already had a VIP status to purchase, was it really necessary to add another resource booster??).
PS: it’s nice that by fixing matchmacking they meant just hiding the opponent’s level.

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Lol but the problem is that you know their average level based on their commander as soon as you load in so what does that really even hide :joy: granted I’m less intimidated by a level 15 commander who’s challenger rank compared to diamond so I guess it hides the skill gap.
I feel like the match making is getting better but the pay to win aspects of everything is just so in your face to a point it’s offensive.

Hi @Trey7. I’ve responded to the “rank border” thing a few times. Here what I wrote previously, which I still believe to be true.

We definitely are NOT attempting to hide the deck power of your opponent. We’re removing a rank border which is not a good indicator of deck power or win rate in events. While not true for all, for sure there are plenty of diamond players with a 25% win rate in events because their event units are not as leveled as their ranked units, they’re not designing good decks, or not playing well with an unfamiliar deck. Someones event medals, leaderboard position and card levels are a much stronger indicator of their event strength than their rank border from the “standard ranked” game —- it was just the wrong misleading choice to display it here in the first place. As you said, their commander level is apparent as soon as the game starts; our intention was not to hide the power of your opponents deck but to remove misleading information which is less pertinent than just the commander card level.


Hi. I feel like I foreshadowed this change in this previous post:

The previous system was clearly flawed. Many veteran, high level players were placed on a tough competitive top players leaderboard where half of them couldn’t even hit #50 when they clearly could have hit #1 if they were put into an easier leaderboard. As a result, they were getting paltry rewards compared to people who had only played the game a week (whom they were clearly outperforming.). Being #15 on a top players super competitive leaderboard just can’t have worse payouts than #10 on the newbie leaderboard —- I definitely stand behind this change. I can understand why the players who were hitting the top spots on the newbie leaderboards don’t like it, but it’s definitely the right thing to do when your responsibility is to consider the system and player base as a whole.


Well, you are right, the border thing I wrote is just stupid, I realized it after posting :sweat_smile:
It also does not help that English is not my first language, I apologize.

Is level 22 considered newbie territory still? Lol I’m confused as to when one stops being considered a noob to you guys

It’s funny because in order to earn the same awards as before you have to be like level 25 so I guess there’s my answer folks, none of us matter until we spend $100 a month lol


There are plenty of people who have reached level 25. Some of them have spent money. Some of them have got there without spending money. Many of the players who have reached level 25 have been playing since last year.

These players were previously fighting hard in events, but getting less rewards than people who were level 10 and fighting hard in events. That was clearly wrong, because they were playing against a more competitive set and clearly more formidable than the level 10 player.

Now the player who is level 25 and fights hard in events should earn more rewards than the level 10 player.

I feel like I’m being very transparent and forward in saying something some people will not like: The implication of this change is the level 10 players who were killing it getting unfairly outsized rewards on their less competitive leaderboards will now be receiving less rewards for it. I understand why these players don’t like it — I’m sure for them it feels abrupt that they’re suddenly getting less than they’re used to. But I stand behind this change because it’s the right thing to do. It was clearly wrong that these new low level players were earning a bunch of legendary Time Warp units when these veteran high level players were not.

Here’s where you mess the whole thing up, when two people are being matched together, THEY SHOULD EITHER GET THE SAME REWARDS OR NOT BE MATCHED WITH PEOPLE. IM LEVEL 22 AND MATCHING WITH LEVEL 25s AND UP, how do you guys keep trying to spin this? The logic is so faulty and disrespectful, do you think a bunch of low IQ individuals who have never played video games before are the only customers you have? Because you’re acting like your player base doesn’t know what we are talking about and guarantee I have more college schooling than any one of you in that office. Stop trying to play Bernie Sanders and beating around the bush and actually make choices that are good for the player base instead of your wallets.

Literally never mentioned level tens by the way. How about you stick with the factors I’m paying out instead of trying to manipulate an explanation.

Also I screen shot these comments Incase you decide to hide them. Remember your game still has to obey the constitution and as long I don’t throw slander or malicious idiations around, it’s free speech so I suggest you stop censoring your comment section of the forum.

I’ll be completely honest here, they’ve been more than transparent with this update, and have gone to lengths attempting to explain (and more than once at that) why these changes were made.

I understand you might not be happy about some of the changes, (and you are free to express that dislike), but please try to do so in a more constructive manner.

I have tried to say this in a more constructive manner and it’s getting very frustrating when they literally pretend to not know what I’m talking about. That isn’t transparency and I haven’t seen one person in the game or the forum that has said this was a good update. Everyone shares the same consensus that this is still just more money making avenues for them.

Actually, I like the idea behind the update, it just needs a few tweaks. Increased reward caps, multipliers that incentivize actually leveling up, new deck scores and layouts, these are all good things. The biggest problem I feel like was reducing the rewards that players in lower brackets receive. The correct move I feel like should be to just instead raise the rewards for players who compete in more difficult brackets, but leave rewards in the lower brackets alone.

I’m also not too fond of the prices for the event reward boosters, and think more of these should be provided to players through the form of Multiplayer chests or winning event matches. This change would enable the games free players with easier access to the reward boosting items, and allow them to still max out the now increased regular event rewards. This in combination with the rewards multipliers will allow free players to still accrue a reasonable amount of tokens and coins by simply playing the event.

There also needs to be an option to disable event boosters, as right now they seem to be automatically used if you have them, which is a waste after you’ve obtained all of your standard event rewards from winning matches.

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But the problem is, the coin solution they implemented is only good for those of us who actually place in tournaments and it’s not often free, I’ve never been in one event where I didn’t have to buy refreshes due to players clearing trying to buy out my spot. So the free to play players still have a coin problem being unaddressed. Plus, I’ve stated elsewhere that the rewards are all less than before unless you’re around level 25 and up. So decreased the rewards for the majority of the player base as well. Smaller pools but also more pools which give more people opportunity to “buy out” the league. Everything is always about money

The coin solution and the recent changes to events are two entirely different topics.

No it is not, the coin change was inside of the season that uses event tokens, how are those seperate to you?

Hi @Trey7.

I feel like I’ve put a lot of time and effort into trying to respond personally to specifically your feedback in this forum thread and many others.

I don’t think this is an appropriate response and I’m disappointed in your behavior. There’s a baseline of what is appropriate ways to talk to each other on this platform. Please don’t use our platform to talk to other players or our staff in this way.

It’s our responsibility to make sure this is a community without toxic behavior and we will definitely enforce our Forum Code of Conduct as we deem necessarily. Things like personal attacks, hate speech, hounding people every time they talk, constant spamming of the same stuff in unrelated conversations, and/or generally violating the Terms of Service are not ok. These sorts of things will result in messages removed, accounts restricted, etc.

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Excuse me? Please elaborate where I “disappointed” you? Are you aware of the new legislation that’s been introduced to the senate today regarding making loot boxes completely illegal? I don’t care what you think of me, I post the truth whether it’s criticizing your poor business practices or helping other players. If you want to ban me or anything, please be ready for a law suit because I’m extremely “disappointed” with the updates every single week because you are clearly not listening to your community.