New event 🤢 lol


What the hell is with the new event!!!, there’s nothing useful or helpful to build up my deck lol, bring back beast mode and boom event!!!


They have to make use of every unit in multiple events so that it encourages everyone to learn to use different tactics/units to keep it fresh.

It’s good to see that bothersome units in events also have units to help deal with them though.

These events are a way to expose 1 dimensional players in a way, any player that just focuses on a single faction, even certain units and leave out the rest will struggle in events.

Even players who may have done up all units but haven’t really learnt how to use them (since they just rely on a single tactic) will be easy to spot out in events. It’s great that the team who runs this do things like this, make it enjoyable lol


I think it sounds cool imo


I agree with what you’ve said, but I’ve been waiting for Boom event and Beast mode so I could buy packs, because they both have units I really need to boost my faction !!!

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