New Commander Ideas?

Was thinking about some ideas for new commanders. They’re one of my hopes for this game, and while they’re likely as far away as the Android version, I still thought it’d be fun to think of some commanders and commander cards.
A female robot who takes control of enemy units for Ascension.
Commander Card
Spawns the single target commander and hacks all units in the area, turning the tides.
Commander Ability - Hack
A spell that takes control of the strongest unit in a target area, permanently. Like a permanent madness but for only one unit, or an instant mimic kinda thing.
General Wolf
A battle-crazed technical genius who created T.E.D.D.Y. and Raildogs.
Commander Card
A large scary mechanical wolf with high movement and attack speed. Spawns with a Pack unit.
Commander Ability - The Pack
Spawns a small dog, like teddy. If two are spawned they combine and increase power. If three are spawned, they combine into a bigger and scarier dog. Like mech pilots, essentially.
A guy who really likes explosions and fights for the Rogue.
Commander Card
Throws bombs, like an alchemist. Explodes upon death like a nuke truck.
Commander Ability - Self Destruct
Explodes all units in target area, like what happens in the Boom event.
What do you guys think?


Wow you already maxed all your commanders and units?!? :smile::smile::smile: joke aside, new commanders could come down the pipe. Your proposals could be a great base for discussion. However we would like the devs to fix all current features, which are plenty, before adding new ones.

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Oh of course, there are many things to be fixed, but new features are still very exciting.

I think these are great ideas!

Just found this post lol

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