New cards, no dusts to upgrade

Why give us the new cards when we have no dusts to even upgrade them? Pg take away the dust system please. I love this game but I can’t continue to play with current dust situation.


I have a fairly upgraded deck Ascension is the best, followed closely by Legion and rogue just a bit behind it. The majority of my cards are already maxed out and while a couple of my commanders aren’t maxed they are past needing dust to upgrade. I don’t have much dust left for Legion or Rogue and not enough left to finish off my Ascension. So I calculated how much dust I need to upgrade the rest of the cards as a fairly close to top end player…

For Ascension I need 1,776,000 dust
For Legion I need 2,112,000 dust
For Rogue I need 3,570,000 dust

I have a decent amount of extra cards but it would use most of them up to get all the dust I need. If they ever raise the level cap that would screw me but I don’t know that this game will survive to the point they might raise the level cap.

I pity the players who didn’t have as many extra cards as I did especially those just starting out. They will never get where they need to go.

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Best cards to scrap are legendary. GL getting any of those. The only people in a position to get enough dust to upgrade cards after the update were people who didn’t need to upgrades cards anymore. Dust robs any player who isn’t maxed out of the slightest enjoyment they would get from feeling like they are progressing. Basically, anyone who wasn’t maxed before dust will give up and stop playing long before they have a fraction of the dust required to max out a single useful legendary unit (probably any unit tbh). Based on the current state of the game, we have all assumed this is exactly what the devs wanted the game to be.

As I’ve said before. The devs changed the entire game allegedly for people who were unfairly matched against higher level decks. Then for some reason made it ridiculously difficult for those same people to ever max out their lower level decks, in-prisoning them in a stagnant upgrade system that no longer has the option of even using real money to break out of.

I’m sure any dev reply would just say, you can buy cards in the deals section,(as long as you’ve beaten enough moon mines to have good) which you can then scrap for dust, or events get you chests (as long as you have enough diamonds to buy tickets), or campaign gets you coins(as long as you complete every mission). They are happy with the state of the game, basically think they’ve created enough options for reasonable progression, and will never actually acknowledge the “fine print” of any part of it. Even if they respond, it will still be a vague comment that is contradicted by the “fine print” of the way the game actually works. It really just feels like we are dealing with devs that don’t actually play test their own game, and just assume their concepts are sound in theory, so they must work when applied in updates. @S7campusLifer


Great job Fox and Lyth for trying to talk sense to these Devs. I think the game is basically dead or very near it. Players should stop buying and stop playing until they get the messages. That’s the only message the Devs might understand. If the players would band together and do this it will get the issue fixed or speed up the death of the game.


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