New bug with coin rewards

So twice now I opened a chest and it displayed the coin symbol with no number and once it didn’t even have the coin symbol. As far as I can tell it wasn’t just a display error I actually got no coins. With the absolutely terrible payout in coins we already have this is intolerable. Now there is a bug that gives us no coins.

I have screenshots of this but can’t seem to make them post on here.

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I have also opened a few chests since the update that contained no coins. I’m hopeful that’s a bug.

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Oh no I’m so sorry to hear this is happening to you. This is the first we’ve heard of it. If you could send us the screenshot through in-game zendesk support panel it would help us fix this more quickly

I’ve been having the same exact issue … my two chest for elite will have no coins at all in one and a blank icon in the other. I didn’t check to see if it was counting them after I noticed and when I checked it looks like it isn’t… Really holding up a big upgrade I have been saving a week for so I can also finish a quest :confused:

While they’re fixing this bug, they might as well give us our coins back. Getting 304 coins between two chests is unacceptable.

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This has happened about ten times now with all types of reward chests and I’m not getting the coins

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Thank you for sending that image… We’ll be jamming on getting this fixed.

I can’t upload images for some reason, but this has happened to me multiple times as well, and that’s is exactly how it appears for me. I also don’t get a single coin when it does that.

Like I said above, while they’re in there fixing that, please tell them to change the amount back to what it was. Thanks

And now, what just happened, I opened a chest and there wasn’t even the coin icon. At all. It was just cards. And the second one had the coin icon, but no coins.

There is literally no point in playing this game right now. I have never seen an update on any mobile game be so full of bugs. Between the coin situation and losing more medals from losses than you gain with wins, I’m definitely not wasting another second on this game this evening.

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Bugs or intentional? At this point it is hard to tell what was actually intended. There is much work to be done or just shut the game down.

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I think every time I see the bug, there was just no coin icon. I’m not sure I’ve seen it yet with the icon and no count. That’ll spice things up I guess :wink: Am I alone in being amused at the thought that this isn’t a bug, but just that the drop rate was tuned down again so much that it has started rolling 0s :joy: They keep this up and next patch a chest could have like a 30% chance to reduce your coins.

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Thank you for looking into this. I’ve tried submitting a ticket with zendesk but it won’t allow me to. This coin thing has happened around ten times and that’s a lot of loss in my eyes.

Just had it happen 2 more times, I hope this is fixed quickly and that we are given some recompense for the coins we are losing out on. Considering too few coins in the game seems to be the biggest complaint out of the current mountain of complaints this just makes it worse.

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Hey guys check this one out. Now we don’t even have a choice between coins and useless gold/alliance tokens. Now we have to settle for nothing at all! I had a choice between three different card options (one being epic) there should be a guaranteed amount of coins when you complete a chest and it should be a % based on your lvl of average card lvls, but maybe a different percentage at each lvl. Look, I just fixed your problem!

I also have screenshots of this but can’t seem to make them post on here.

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I also regularly recieve coin icons with zero coins in chests. Haven’t bothered counting but it’s the norm not the exception.

So yesterday, again I opened a chest that had no coins. No blank coin icon, nothing. Just no coins whatsoever. And then the next chest again had the coin icon, but no coins. It’s kind of pointless to even play multiplayer right now. Opening the chests is even more of a waste.

@S7campusLifer I saw the update post about matchmaking, which is much appreciated. I feel like this coin issue is more important, and I’d like to know if there’s a fix for this in the upcoming update. We have started feeling like this coin bug we are seeing is intentional as well, maybe just another way to nerf the coins. Can we please get an ETA on this fix? And also, when they are fixing this bug, can they PLEASE give us our coin amounts back? Also, all of us need compensation for the coins we did not receive. Thank you


We have released a serverside change which we believe will make this problem go away. If you see this bug after the time of this message, please let us know so we can keep digging for other reasons this could happen.

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Thank you for your response. Are we to expect compensation for the missed coins? 10-15 chests opened with no coins.

Also, what about adjusting the coin amount back to what it was before it was nerfed? We’ve been very vocal about this with no response. This is a big deal to us. Thank you

I’ve sent emails to you guys twice now and messaged on here about this issue and have yet to get a response. Not cool dude

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