Nerf suit up, madness, enlist

I have played lots of games agains players with these cards and I hate them with all my soul, me and my teammate were near to easy win with our skill, but enemy has thrown the card madness and my and my teammates units started to kill themselves and after their death opponents esily won, NERF THIS CARD, IT KILLS THE GAME, IT IS NOT A SKILL IT IS CHEATING.

How is it cheating? And it is maybe a bit too strong. But it also means don’t mindlessly swarm?

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So spread out your forces. Mobbing up is deadly, but it also exposes you to every other AoE attack, e.g. grenades, corrosion, blimp crashes, nuke trucks, etc. The card can be devastating, but I’ve had matches where a good opportunity to use it never came up. I personally think nuke trucks should destroy ALL units in the blast radius, not just enemies.

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It’s easy to counter. Like the others said, don’t swarm. Saying it’s cheating is a little over the top. Just because you can’t figure out how to use it or counter it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with it.


Madness downright is overpowered and can easily discourage newcomers. Whomever thought this was a good idea did not think things through. If there was a pacifism spell for 2.5 cost you’d agree it is under cost. If there was a spell that cost 2.5 to make forces attack each other you’d agree that too is under cost. So combine them together and you think that makes it fair? See, you lack design insight.

Read the prior posts. It’s not over-powered. It’s no worse than a nuke truck selectively killing only enemy mobs in a detonation. It’s no worse than a Legion mob or Avasa with Suit Up on and rolling up everything. Mob waves are deadly but vulnerable. Don’t use them against Ascendance if you’re so afraid of Madness. Every faction has strategies to overwhelm their opponents in what feels unfair to be on the receiving end of it.

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Nuke truck is a reset that is balanced, same with all the others you mentioned. However Madness is a third tier tech spell, without a doubt, argue against that. Besides, if it’s to stay on tech level 2 then it needs to cost 6 or 7.

So, by this logic, as long as I have madness then I should win 100% of the time because it’s cheating and so OP and what not?

It is strong for sure. But I’m pretty sure I don’t win every single game I’ve ever played with ascension. What am I doing wrong? :frowning_face:

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You aren’t at a high enough madness to notice it’s broken, spend more to see.

It does lend itself to some absurdist strategies. Going against a double Ascension team seems to guarantee you’re going to spend a full 30 seconds or more of the game fighting yourself. It neutralizes several of the bosses (both rogue especially) who aren’t useful without a bit of tank-y cover on the field. It means a pain cloud can’t have air cover on the field. It means nukes aren’t useful for downing barriers because you can’t place them far enough away from your own.

You say this with such conviction. It probably is a bit overpowered but at the same time it’s not an instant win either

True, It’s very good at its job. I suppose a nerf to it would be to lower how long it lasts, or perhaps lowing the amount of damage units under madness do. Losing a barrier (or at least losing half of its health) because of one t3 unit turned traitor is rather depressing

It’s definitely not an instant win, but I don’t usually build decks with more than three “big” moves. If you not only can wipe out both my nukes and my boss with a single card, but turn them on to my own buildings, then my only hope is that you’ve got a fantastically bad draw. I have a fighting chance to win if you neutralize all three of those, but not when they’re also used against me. Edit to clarify: I’m not playing all three at once; I’m saying that unless I can get them out before you draw a madness, they are my three “big” hits.

Personally, I think they should attack friendly units only, then wander around. None of this fighting friendly bases/barricades/power plants nonsense.

100% madness is a broken card in its current state.

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I just had an event match where they used a madness 3 times on my single Cyclopes to break my barrier. Not very efficient, but with the barrier down they just warped in…

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