Nerf Giga's ability!

Giga’s users use the ability to rush the base and it is imbalanced because you can’t kill any unit to stop the rush because Giga’s shield not only protects units from all attacks but also it heals the units inside!

That’s the intention of Giga’s shield. It’s really easy to counter it as the amount of health replenished is rather small. Plus, the time of invincibility simply opens a small window of opportunity for a few seconds. And to be honest, it’s not that OP if you know how to counter it.


It’s definitely a very impactful ability unless you have the tools to deal with it. Things that crowd-control are quite effective, like Kuro’s Illusion’s knockback, Fortress Mech knockback, Freeze, and Ice Acolyte slows. That being said, we don’t necessarily feel that there are “enough” of these options, and are working on introducing more in the future. You can also just throw some swarm units in their face to waste the duration of the Nano Shield.

It’s also worth mentioning that when playing against a Giga, you can assume their goal is to form a big ball of units to make them temporarily immune and power through your defenses, so map control is important: the more quickly you can stamp out their momentum, the les value they get out of their Nano Shield.

I find it hilarious that people wants Giga nerf now. Not so long ago, there was many threads saying Giga is useless :stuck_out_tongue:

e.g., Share some opinions on balancing

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