Multiplayer doesn’t make sense any more

So I just found out you lose the same amount of points as you gain for a win in Multiplayer. This just doesn’t work for me any more. Which means to get a star in most tiers, you need to win 20 games in a ROW. While that might be possible, I have lost all motivation to do so… but for Champion Forge, … you need to win 2500 games in a row to get a star?!? Um, yeah… That needs to be fixed. Along with the loss of the ranks, … I don’t feel like this is a multiplayer game anymore, where I’m playing with my Tribe. Everyone is just there for themselves … doing a slow grind that might not even get me anywhere in multiplayer… All sense of progression is completely gone. And I’ve stuck with all the updates for this game for a long time now. I really hope something changes soon… Or this might be the end for me for this game.


The very loudest complaint we’ve heard since launching is “matchmaking is awful.” There’s a bunch of facets for why people thought it was awful — one of them is that it would give players opponents they considered unfair. Another reason people hated it was that it was confusing why they would gain/lose different amounts of medals for reasons which felt opaque and confusing.

We tried really really hard to make the old system work for almost a year — we needed to make a big change. One of them was this change where medal adjustments are flat.

You definitely don’t need to win them in a row. You need a winrate which is 51% or better in that arena and keep playing. If you keep winning with a 51%+ winrate, you’ll accumulate medals and eventually you’ll reach the amount needed to get a star in that arena.

There is a case which I’m worried about: some players are very low skill, and they basically can’t win more than 50% of the time unless they are playing against people with drastically worse cards than them (even more than 1 level lower.) I am a little worried that some of these very low skill players will get completely “stuck” because they’ll have cards which are all level 14 in an arena which has a maximum card level of 14, but because they can’t manage a 51% winrate in that arena they’re effectively stuck forever.

Ok, not in a row, right, but it’s incredibly frustrating to make some progress then have it all wiped away by a streak of bad luck. And the way it is currently designed, everyone will get stuck eventually at the highest tier of their lowest faction.


Previously, what people found frustrating was “I did a bunch of wins and got small amount of progress each, and then I lost 1x and had a big drop that wiped away a ton of wins”

I personally preferred how a medal system based on ELO works, but I’ve spent a bunch of time staring at math to understand why it makes sense — it’s probably not reasonable to expect a broad audience to find it compelling.

At least this way is understandable for everyone :woman_shrugging:

I’m not sure what this means can you please explain

As I play more, I don’t hate it as much. I understand the reasoning. By limiting everyone to a certain level, you have less of the matching a level 17 with a level 14. I would however like to have the ranks back. Ranks were fun, and people can see each other’s progress. Right now we can’t see where people are at, so advancing and getting stars seems kinda pointless except for some diamond rewards which isn’t that much motivation. Getting the rank, and the extra bonuses from those ranks were the plus of the last version.

It’s not about understanding, I understand the math behind ELO. It’s the visceral response to having all your progress wiped away and worse in a single fight after winning 10. And it was also the fact that we would get placed against the same groups we had no chance against again and again and if we did manage to beat them once the reward was still not what we lost against them.

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