More way to gain dust

It’s a good idea to make dust sale in deals. Moreover, it would be more excited if you add more new items in deals. Everyday i see the same items(same cards, coins …), it would be better if you add some new items like dust or something excited :smiley:

Thank you for the suggestion. You’re right, that’s an obviously good idea.

Don’t get rid of coins there, it’s the only thing most of us buy now.


Buy? Who buys stuff anymore?

Yeah dust is hard to come by I have the coins to upgrade but no dust and I need my cards to upgrade other stuff so for the time being I’m just saving my coins to I can get dust some other way

Buys using gold

Or just give dust in daily ranked battle :no_mouth::+1:

It would help somewhat…and I stress somewhat… if there was only 1 type of dust and it weren’t faction specific. That way if your legion is mostly done you could use those cards to bring up rogue or ascension but right now to bring up a faction you have to canabalize it.

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