More deck slots. Now!

What I would really like to see in the next update is more deck slots. Please make this a priority as many people feel the exact same way that I do. It would be nice to swap between a rush deck and a tech deck rather than re-creating a deck any time you want to do something new. Its a barrier to play all in its own. It limits the access we have to new ideas for shaking up the meta only because it’s such an inconvenience that no one wants to deal with. With the legendary units coming out, I am very excited to try a rogue rush deck but it’s going to be a pain in the ass when I inevitability will have to go back to my regular deck to stay competitive. By not having this resource available, you are basically saying to us “Please do not try anything new and exciting. Keep your deck at its current state, if you want to be competitive.” By opening these deck slots, you will have given the community an opportunity to be creative and keep the space open for new strategies to develop and allow for people to not get burnt out on playing the same thing repeatedly.

Hi @Jed

I’m happy you love the game and have lots of feature requests. Pretty much everyone on the development team deeply agrees it would be better if we had the ability to save multiple decks per commander. The only reason we haven’t done it is amount of time it would take to implement and the estimated payoff for that work.

There are some people who currently play broadly across the commanders and are constantly tinkering with their decks trying to figure out different deck strategies. Sadly, this is currently a very small part of the player population. So that implies very few people would use the feature right now.

Currently, the vast majority of players are only focuses on developing a single commander/deck and barely ever upgrades/plays the other 5x commanders. It feels like if the goal is to encourage people to play with different decks and play styles, first we should actually convince more people to try out playing with a second commander or second faction before jumping all the way to encouraging them to play with multiple different saved decks for each of the 6x commanders. That’d obviously be even better, but it feels like we’ve got a first order problem in this area to fix first.

How much money should I invest for you guys to dedicate someone to work on this. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to code something such as an additional deck slot

It’s not something which is hard because it’s a “difficult algorithm” or anything like that but more of a data-structure / ux thing where the whole code base and ux flows all were built assuming each commander has one deck… with lots of corner-cases to work through if we change it.

One example of many: Let’s say you have 2x Nash decks, but your currently selected deck is Roxie. You go to campaign and tap “battle” on a mission which requires Nash. Currently it just jumps into battle using your only Nash deck. It’s not “hard” to make it allow you to select which one to use, but it probably takes 1-2 days to make this work (with UI, coding, qa testing, fixing bugs, etc.). That’s just the first case which comes to mind, of many places in our codebase which assume Nash has one deck. All over our server / client code there’s tons of assumptions there is one deck per commander which I wouldn’t be able to think of off the top of my head which would need to be found and fixed.

We should definitely do it at some point because the game would be obviously better if it worked like this but it’s definitely not a “no brainer we can just finish this whole project in a couple of hours cuz it’s so easy” kinda thing. It’s something we’d need to plan out, prioritize against everything else, spend 2-3 weeks developing it and test it pretty extensively to find all the bugs.

We’d just need to weigh this sorta thing against all the other things we could do with a month of development time (eg your other suggestions like being able to see if your online teammates are in a battle or available to join, which is a great idea, broken alliance quest bugs, issues in battle with seraphs going missing, better system for gold, matchmaking problems, etc.) We obviously wish we could do all of these things immediately at once but we’re a small development team and need to prioritize our work towards the things we think effect as many players as deeply as possible!

Circular reasoning here, part of the reason people don’t experiment much is the difficulty with changing decks around and the rest is the way ranking in PvP is done and the absultely terrible economy in game which makes it a poor choice to develop multiple decks if you want to be competitive.

I play 3 commanders fairly regularly but why and when I play them is an artifact of your PvP ranking system. I play my “main” deck till I reach champion, then I play my second deck till it’s in champion range too. Which one ends up ahead is kind of random. Then once I have a lock on champion with 2 commanders in range I play my third faction for routine quests and chests and play the others with partners I know complement those decks. My other 3 commanders are all low rank because the economy is so messed up that to bring them up to competitive levels would screw up my ability to improve my main decks and upgrade season units.

Incidentally I brought up my first 2 decks before the nerf to coins when you could afford to bring up more than one. Since the nerf I have made slow improvements to my third deck when it corresponded with event improvements but essentially no improvements to my other commanders.

I relate almost completely to your story. I have commanders I raised before the coin nerf, And now I have them all at 16-17 except Roxie which is 14 or 15.

I don’t want to sound harsh here (and not intentional so please read with the idea that texting is a terrible medium), but here’s what I’m hearing from the development team:

-we cannot prioritize extra deck slots.
Why not? I think you guys need to hire me or one of us from the community to help prioritize what you REALLY need to keep this game flowing. Right now you guys are prioritizing how to still make a killing (how are we going to make tons of money right now) over finding ways to work with the community and maybe let the funds take a back seat for a week or two.

You guys have gotten better. I want to acknowledge this because I think it is important to your development as a company as well as human beings. Three weeks ago you guys were an absolute disaster. We saw people quit, we saw people demand refunds, and we saw a side of you that we never want to see in a gaming company which was secretly needing the economy and keeping the boxes the same price while gouging the rewards. You guys have gotten a lot more transparent and have worked on getting back to your customers in a relatively reasonable amount of time. I like it. I think we all like it. This game, and any other business venture, is all about sustainability. We have to make choices sometimes that doesn’t give us instant results or satisfaction. I think this might be the case here.

I thought I wanted to commit time to this post but I will get back to it later and maybe do a post of my own. So, sorry if this post is chaotic and disorganized.

I think what I wanted to say here was, find a way to get people excited to explore all 6 commanders and make money at the same time. At the current rate people cannot do that unless they spend $4,000+ like I did. I think it’s reasonable to request that the greed get turned down a notch and the dedication and creativity get turned on full blast.


Sorry if I came off the wrong way. My intention was say communicate the following:

  • the suggestion is a good idea.
  • we want to do this idea too — we’ve talked about it for a long time.
  • it would definitely make the game better.
  • we hope to get to this feature, but we can’t commit to doing it “right now” as this post implies.
  • practically, the next app update is pretty much done and the next one is halfway started.
  • we could consider doing such a feature after that, but we need to think harder about ROI in time spent. We’re a small team and every feature sounds like a great idea. We need to prioritize our time towards the features we believe will effect the most players the most deeply.
  • if we did this feature, it’s possible it’d have a deep impact on the niche who already does a lot of deck building and playing with multiple commanders. For it to also have a broad impact we’d probably also need to change a bunch of other structural things (eg change ranked rewards so it’s based on mastering multiple factions, something with leveling, etc.)

Again I’m sorry if I came off the wrong way. My replies were a bad tone and I apologize for that.

All good. You didn’t come off as insulting. Hope I didn’t either. We just want to get our point across as consumers and hope you guys will catch up soon with the idea that money invested into your game is better than let’s get rich quick, because if your intention is to build a game that will provide sustainability for your company/personal investment, then you should really consider listening closely to what’s being demanded on the forums.

Your ROI May look small at first, but you really need to keep your customers that you have right now. New customers are important, they will provide for a larger community and cash for you guys, but if you lose your current customers all at once, you could really be in a bad spot. If you know anything about business, or common sense, the most expensive cost for any company is customer and employee turnover. We have been very patient as a community, but we’re starting to get fed up with the lack of honesty behind your medal system, coin generation, cost of chests from the store (this includes not only cost but what the chest contains, so lowering the output and value of the chest (coins and tokens mainly) but keeping it at the same price $$$USD$$$ is seen as sneaky and malicious from your community,) and updates promised as a whole.

Please consider to check in more frequently with your community with your updates. I don’t know where I’ve seen any mention of an update and what this update contains. Maybe you can show us?

And remember, by creating more deck slots, you may encourage players to explore more options, which means they may want to spend money to be able to explore those options. You could also go back to providing coins at the rate which you had it before to help new and veteran customers.

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