Mission 6-1 with grrrila

Hi guys
Have an issue with 6-1 with grrrrila
I find when I start this mission the unit has alread left at lvl14 and all I can get put on the Battlefield to stop this is sniper and a couple of grunts
Can anyone help please. As can’t move forward from this point.

Same problem here, all missions seemed (too) easy until now, but with this one I never survive for more than a half a minute. Please help!

Thanks for the report! This is actually a bug with that mission’s unit scripts at the moment that will be fixed in our next update. (56551)

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Well next update has happened and still not changed.

But other things have changed, such as match making. I beat that mission my second week playing, do you think that one mission is their main priority or do you think they cared more about match making so people could actually play the events and have a chance to compete at all levels?

He was promised something in this update and he was just speaking up. He has every right to speak up about campaigns as you do about matchmaking.

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I never said he doesn’t have a right because I agree with you, I’m asking him to understand priority though. People are talking about leaving the entire game for match making and pay to win issues, yeah his problem is unfortunate but he’s hopefully not going to quit because of it, if he has a strong alliance member he should ask for help

Yeah good advice. Draco, some of the the missions are super hard unless you got a friend to help you.

Hi @Jinduckey @Trey7 @Draco9 @Sfoleor

When @S7NotABot wrote his comment, we had an big app update planned with “lots of new stuff” in it. As a result of subjective feedback we’ve seen on this forum and in our aggregate numbers, we have since come to the conclusion that we have more pressing issues to deal with (e.g., more improvements to events and matchmaking). so we’re doing a number of intermediate smaller app updates before we go back to working on that that “big” update.

Sorry for the delay. We had to rearrange our schedule as we got more feedback and information. I know you were looking forward to this fix, but unfortunately we don’t have unlimited resources and we need to prioritize our work and ship things in the order which we believe has the biggest impact to the broadest set of players.

Just wanna +1 this issue. I’ve tried every combination I can think of and I just can’t get enough dps down as legion to finish it. To the guy who finished it a week into playing, you probably had the non bugged version. I’m stuck on this mission for 3 weeks now. Glad to see it wasn’t just me losing my mind.

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Again, ask for help in your alliance. I beat the entire campaign in three weeks

My apologies for setting the wrong expectation here. I had intended to say that the fix for this was being worked on for the next major update, but as S7campusLifer mentioned, we had to shift things around to get the biggest-impact changes out ASAP.


I just beat it with the glitch, but I had to take a higher lvl 13 friend and we both didn’t have any units that needed research. I also have lvl 8 and 9 troops.

I do mate, I’m just can’t move past this level, which is annoying me that’s all. I do prefer the better match ups though some still slip through but loads better than before.

Send a request to join my alliance and I’ll help you myself

Hi! Closing the loop on this thread, my belief is the fix to this problem went live as part of v2.20 release last Thursday.

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