Mission 3-16 Help Please

Up until now all the missions were either easy or beaten after a few tries. On this mission it immediately sends a cyclops down each lane with scouts and archers and alchemists backing them up. And after a few seconds an eternal warrior. By this time I have maybe 8 energy total. So all I can do to try and stop it is put an archer on each lane. Doesn’t work. Help??

Unfortunately you won’t be able to play campaign anymore. You’ll need to spend a few months collecting cards to turn into dust and gain enough coins to level your units beyond the level you are facing. I’m hoping the speed up the process of upgrading units so you can have fun again playing campaign. But at this time the developers don’t care enough about our experience in game to assist with this matter. Best advice I can give if you want to continue playing is join a good alliance and get as many daily rewards as you can. It will take a lot of time but eventually you’ll be able to beat that level. But the next few levels until you get stuck again. The same thing is happening to me right now with campaign and I haven’t been able to play it since the beginning of December

Unfortunately it’s very difficult to remember specific campaign levels and since there is no way to go back and replay or review completed campaigns it’s unlikely that anyone will be able to be able to provide you with relevant advice.

This is probably due to the seeming efforts of the development team and/or management of this game to dissuade community interaction, make advancement economic and time unreasonable, and to make the excellent core gameplay as dull and unexciting as they possibly can.


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