Missing cards from last season

I’ve been missing 3 herald cards since the beginning of this season. I think what happened was the first day of the new season after the patch, people were able to request the reward cards from season 1 and I ended up donating the cards away cause I assumed that we would be able to request them and get them out of loot boxes or whatever. That is not the case. Is there any way I can receive these 3 cards again? I’m not able to upgrade to lvl up to lvl17 heralds because of it.


You can easily reclaim your 3 missing cards by submitting a ticket.


Here are the steps into submitting a ticket:

  1. Go into “SETTINGS” that is next to the “QUESTS” button in the bottom left corner.

  2. Then head over to the “ACCOUNTS” category, and click “CONTACT US”.

  3. From there on, write out the details of the incident and they’ll resolve this issue for you.


@SolidWorkMan lawlz. Informative post but customer service ignores the tickets. I would drop the ticket anyway, but don’t expect to ever hear about it again.

To be fair, in general I have had rapid responses from customer service and they have generally fixed or explained the issue.


@Lyth not my experience. 2 tickets and a post in forums under bugs and I’m still waiting for a response and my 1000 season tickets that I was shorted. Posted 20 days ago.

Hi @Klokwerk please bump the Zendesk ticket in question so I can check it out.

@S7campusLifer. I resubmitted a ticket through Zendesk. Here’s a link to the previous forum conversation regarding the issue:


I retract my negative comments. Thanks for the extra effort and the follow-up.

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