Missing alliance rewards

The season tokens rewards just became available and then it disappeared. I was online the whole time, waiting for the 600 tokens, and it just went to the next quest. Thereโ€™s no way I missed the window to claim the tokens, please compensate me

Umm hello? Iโ€™ve also sent an email regarding this with no response. If youโ€™re checking into it at least let me know itโ€™s being looked at.

Hi Phnewalletkeys,

If youโ€™ve submitted a ticket, I would ask you to be patient. Tickets are processed in order as quickly as possible.


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I did get compensated a little while ago, but it just happened again. The timer was up and I was supposed to receive 600 alliance coins. I think this is 4 times now this has happened? So Iโ€™m officially reporting a bug lol

Yeah. Some of my members are saying that they canโ€™t collect the reward even after they completed it. And yes, they already submitted a ticket. Please fix this bug as itโ€™ll become a bigger issue in the next season.

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This is happening to a number of people in my alliance. And itโ€™s happens to me like 4 times. To the point where I almost donโ€™t see the point of doing alliance quests, since I am not rewarded unless I submit a ticket every single time. Which isnโ€™t the simplest process either, as there doesnโ€™t seem to be a way to do it from in game.

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