Mismatch on alliance medal counts?

I may be confused, but: on the alliance info screen, it shows us having around 150k medals, but on the alliance rank screen, it shows us having around 6.6k medals. Does “medals” mean something entirely different on these two adjacent screens?


The alliance rank screen should say “Rating” not “Medals”. We’ll get that fixed in a future release! (ref 60225)

Team “Rating” is the score that goes up and down as your team wins/loses wars.

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So my alliance has beaten all of our wars so far and beaten higher “ranked” alliances… we haven’t moved up on the leader board and RGBC didn’t move down… how come? How does the ranking system work because I haven’t seen any alliances move up or down since this new update with war being main source of “rank”.

I’m not sure about the details for your team, but it’s possible we need to increase how much team rating is won/lost after fighting a war so that the leaderboard is more dynamic.


Ok thank you!

We’ve increased how much team rating is won/lost after a war. Specifically, the “k-factor” in the elo formula used to determine rating adjustments has been doubled for wars from its previous value. Wining/Losing should be a bit more meaningful now, but more tuning may be required.

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