Mimic stupidity is outrageous


My mimics have mimicked some stupid choices before but today’s pick takes the cake. Perfectly good dreadnaught to mimic but nope, it goes for a grunt… Seriously WTF. Absolutely bullshit. Grunts shouldn’t even be mimicable unl as the entire group is since it was our summon a group it counts as a single unit played not 5(one for each grunt)!! This is a total trash, and I’m sure I’m not the only person that says so.


How far away are you placing the Mimic from the Dreadnaught? The Mimic has a maximum travel range so if a high-tier unit is out of range, it will attempt to Mimic the highest thing within its travel distance.


Mimic sometimes is realy annoying. I placed it over a nuke truck and it just turns around half over the map to copy my seraph. Truck should be higher priority in my opinion.

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