Mimic clone priority

Mimic close stuff that is weaker then other units on the board. IE mimic will clone a Harold over a lightbringer as well as clone cartillary over almost anything els. I don’t have time right now to go through the list but either make mimic priory list public so we know what it’s going to clone them or change it so it’s based of energy or something. It just makes mimic such a hard unit to use properly especially in 2s which mimic should excel at all n theory


I had mimic clone one of Vals drones. Lol. There was even a cartillery on the map. It’s ai has been affected by the recent update.

Best one I had was a choice between a pancake that was lower leveled than my mimic, various t1 units like grunts, shield drones… and one lone ray dog in the back. Of course, it mimicked the ray dog and got flattened, instead of flattening them.

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Well, in most sense a raildog is better than a pancake. That was just a situation that happened and it sucked… but :brain: timing is key

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It was heading towards the pancake, then apparently the ray dog got in range and it switched targets.

Ya if you know how to use mimic right you can daisy chain it’s priory to get high priory units all the way across the map

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