Middle ground power plant problem

In the most recent event, I have countered to pass over the middle line, for some good time too, yet the middle power plant just wouldn’t switch to my side, essentially making my opponent charge more quickly and l I lost the games for lame reasons. Could you please look into the problem?

Hi @Alphredo. thank you for reporting. can you please try to get a screenshot or video of this? Maybe watch the replay and snap it? thanks!

I’d love to provide screenshots, but I think I’ve played too many games so the replay video is washed out. If I bump into it again I’ll make sure I capture some screenshots.

@Alphredo. Got it. Thanks for being such a dedicated player of Wild Beyond! Looking forward to seeing the details when you can get them.

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@Alphredo Were there any enemy units on the field as well? Even if you have something attacking the enemy barrier, but they played something like Reinforcements behind you on your barrier for example, you’ll still lose control of the center power plant. Also, certain air units don’t “split” down the middle of the map perfectly each time (Pixies come to mind), and can only claim one lane’s power.

I think there was no enemy at the field since I’m attacking them. But I’ll get evidence to back up my argument.

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