Medic bot - still broken

I’ve been ignoring this problem for a while because I thought it was fixed already but its still broken. It will fly away into enemy base instead of reacquiring new target. It also latches onto closest unit (even if its full life) while one is dying right in-front of it. The only work around is to manually attach it to desired unit you want healed, and hope it does its job after that unit dies. Please have another look at its code, it worked perfectly a while back when it used to fly even across lanes to heal

Thanks for bringing this up @Hydro. I believe there is an open ticket on this somewhere. I’ll follow up on it to see what the status is.

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Cool, thx. It’s def gotten better, but not quite there

I haven’t seen the improvement. I keep trying it on event decks but it’s so random if it’s going to help or wander away and get itself killed. If it could simply be counted on to first attend to the closest unit that would be a huge improvement. But it might just try to cross the field and go towards another unit or, as in my latest match, just head back towards base and leave the unit in need without any help. I’d love to include it in my regular deck but it can’t be relied on.


Yeah, I’ve had it lost me a few matches this event too because it ignores unit or latches onto wrong unit.

I also notice that if it spawns and everyone is full health it will immediately suicide instead of latching to friendly right infront of it. Its “it this, then that” code needs a lot of work

The Medic Drone was fixed in our latest playtest build, which is largely based on the upcoming Live build. We’ll be able to confirm once release notes are ready to come out, but this is a good sign!

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That’s good to know lol just had it randomly stop healing and fly back to base :sweat_smile:

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