——-Medal bug please fix and compensate for lost medals ——-

This morning, my first match I won and received 37 medals, while the guy in first got 300. This continued for the next few battles. The entire event I have been getting shafted with medal count. A dev said it was a bug but offered no solution or adjustment to my actual medal count. As it stands right now I am roughly 20-3 and in 17th place. I have a handful of screenshots that I don’t know how to post here from a phone, but they basically speak for themselves. Matches with 5, 37, 12, 10 and 15 medals for winning and the person in first is getting 300 per win (We have been chatting together throughout the event so we can try to collaborate on why this is happening.) and when the medal system is working, it’s only giving me 100-200 medals a win. So what’s going on here exactly? I should be in first or at the least 3rd place. I’ve spent a lot of money to be able to play this mode competitively (like upgrading units to max that I don’t use). Anyways, I need a response from a dev with an explanation and how this will be resolved since I have invested over $2,000 into your company. I’ve talked to Apple. So your time is limited to get this right or you will be the next Pokémon go disaster.

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This should be fixed as of the v2.31 update today.