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Quick question: If one plays mech pilots that are level 17 & uses a level 10 enlist to get another pair, what level will the big mech be when they combine? 17? (If two 17s combine with one 10) or 10? Or an average of the mech pilots…“13-14”
Important to so I do not rage lol

Thanks humans

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Good question, I would hope that they would merge into the level of what you have

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It’s an astute question. I’m glad people are thinking so deeply about the synergies of the cards.

I could open up the development sandbox and figure out the answer, but I’m going to leave this to the community to discover it and post it here.

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Err…I feel like getting a legendary mech to 17 is kind of an expensive test just to find out?

It seems funny that the people running the game don’t know the answer to this question…

I find it a bit funny too, but I think it’s also a reflection of the incredible depth of the game. There’s so many interactions and so much to learn … which provides a lot of room for skill development and mastery by our talented players. In the event I found myself wondering if I could use madness on my own, maddened units to turn them back against my opponent (spolier: nope … I didn’t thin it would, but it was fun to try, even though it didn’t pan out). I’m constantly amazed by how many novel little interactions like this I discover even after many thousands of matches.

I actually tried the same thing. You can’t freeze them either to try and save them or stop them from destroying your barrier.

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Dang, lol, that’s what I was going to try next!

Well this is what I’ve experienced.

My mech pilots are level 13 and Enlist is level 10.

When I play a mech pilot card and use enlist, I receive level 10 mech pilots.
Upon playing these level 10 mech pilots I get a big pilot who is level 13, with one level 10 pilot left over. It seems that whichever pilots are already active on the stage will be used to combine, pulling from the card you just played last (hence why I have a level 10 pilot left in this case and not a level 13).

This remaining level 10 pilot was then combined with a level 13 mech pilot card I had in my hand.
The big guy was now level 10, not 13. In addition, I had one level 13 mech pilot leftover.

Basically, I think the level of the “active pilots” in the arena will determine what level the big guy will be. So if a level 10 pilot is on the board, it doesn’t matter what level pilots are in my hand, the big guy will be level 10 upon playing the card.

I’ve repeated this several times, but I could still be wrong, if anyone else checks this out, please let me know!

Is this problematic ? Well I’ll just dream for the day I can get enlist besides $100!


Why would you think it might work? Madness makes your units attack their allies, it doesn’t make them your opponents’ units. It’s called madness, not defect. You can cast offensive cards/effects/spells on your own units, freeze or madness.

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So… haven’t earned the mech pilots yet but curious: what about using a mimic that duplicates your mech pilot? Does it then merge?

It does merge, but it’ll only mimic one pilot. And I assume the pilot already in play will determine what level the giant mech pilot will be.

But of course, that is in the case of 2v2, and it gets more interesting. Multiple players with different mech pilot levels, or like you said mimics. It would only be valuable to mimic your teammate’s pilot not your enemy, obviously.

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