Maybe a dumb do alliances gain medals?

What gives an alliance more medals? How many are awarded? And, relatedly, how did mine lose like 4000 since the last time I checked? I just tried winning and losing a 1v1 and the number didn’t change at all. I’m confused.

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My understanding is alliance medals is just the sum of the medals of the members in the alliance.

It doesn’t recalculate immediately though. There’s a delay, of which I don’t know the details.

Is there a way to see your own medal count?

It probably lost 4000 because a player or 2 left

That, or collectively your alliance had a bad night, though 4k is a swing a top ten alliance might see, probably not any others, so most likely it was that some folks left

Maybe a dumber question, but where do I see my own medal count?

There are no dumb questions…However, we do have a crock load of dumb answers.

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You might be able to see it in league rankings but it may be that u can only see it if you aren’t top 100 or challenger/champion ranks. The crown on the multiplayer screen opens rankings.

You can calculate your medals down from challenger/champion (which I believe starts at 3100 iirc? someone please correct me if I’m wrong), as each division is 100 medals. E.g., (assuming my math is right) Gold 6 is 2400, Diamond 1 is 2500, diamond 2 is 2600, etc. I’m not sure it displays anywhere currently outside of champion/challenger.

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