May I make a suggestion for all the PLAYERS

We have a big update coming, huge in fact… with that there will be bugs and undoubtedly things we don’t like…my suggestion is, rather than coming here and starting petitions to revert back to the old or complain, complain, complain, that we actually create true feedback. If you come across a bug, report it and let’s move on and let them fix it. If cards/coins/gold seem to be credited wrong… let’s point it out and give our feedback. If something seems unfair, post about it and even present a solution. As someone who enjoys coming to the forums and reading other players thoughts and opinions… I also dread releases as it just turns into this “chicken little” attack on the devs. We enjoy the game, that’s why we have stuck around playing it for so long and invested time and probably money into it. Let’s work with the developers as this forum is/was Intended. Just my humble opinion.


I’m definitely guilty of this, and it’s because it’s frustrating when our feedback isn’t taken into consideration as much as it should be. With that said, I agree. We all want the old version back, but it’s clear that isn’t going to happen. So it’s time to move on and build on what we have.

The one thing I really, really want back tho is our ranks. It would be nice to have our portrait frames again

I agree. I was working for challenger and would definitely be there by now. Maybe we can get this with the next update.

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