Matchmaking logic is not ok

Why are we being matched up again super strong ranks?

Why are your decks as powerful when you are? That’s another question. Level 13s vs level 17s and the 13s win…lol. Hence why most people in top alliances haven’t played in over a week.

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Yeah usually when we get matched with lower ranked players such as yourself, you guys beat us. I agree that this match shouldn’t be taking place at all, but you guys end up being boosted so much that you beat us anyway most of the time

This should be fixed as of the v2.31 update today.

This is crazy when I was in bronce I was 2v2ing with someone silver and our enemy’s were gold so we wer half ther rank cus silver+bronce = gold that’s crazy but I wanna point out that we won we were using very aggressive nash decks


Well that’s not the craziest matchmaking I have been in when I was bronce I played with another bronce playeragainst 2 golds we lost

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I totally agree the matchmaking is very unfair. You would think we would be playing opponents base on the experience points or deck power give or take 500 points. I have been low to middle rank silver playing top gold players. I loose at least three games then win one. I understand it is based on chest grand master rules but this is not a chess game. It’s really based on making us players to keep spending money with the hope we reach a point that it will stop. I cannot understand why a top gold player would want to keep playing lower ranked people it has to boring winning in twenty seconds. I understand they need to make money and would gladly pay more if the game was based on deck power or experience points. What I have been reading in the game chat people are really getting tired of unfair matchmaking. This last update really did not help at all.

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