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I have problems finding matchups when I reached diamond. It takes 5-10minutes just to get a 2v2 opponent. And when I tried 1v1, they gave me this:
image image image image image image image
This is a lvl17 player with at least level 16 troops (saw the mimic still level 16) against a level 11 player (me) with an average of level 11-12 of troops. How match is that? Multiplayer is becoming unenjoyable because of crappy matchmaking logic. We could not even complete the daily chest reward because of either super long queue of matchmaking (10 minutes of waiting) and a super imbalance 1v1 match. Players are losing patience, you need to fix this asap.

Your post put into focus for me just how crazy-nuts matchmaking is in this game — and basically has to be. There are essentially two exposed vectors of player level to us: card levels and player rank. But matchmaking relies mostly on a third, hidden stat.

So it’s important to match so that card level and rank are close enough not to be awful, but it’s driven by ELO. To be diamond with level 11 cards means you’ve built a good deck and played it well (high ELO), but your card level is far lower than many diamonds.

This was probably a bot and matching went awry, but the presentation just made me realize how (probably overly) complicated matching is in this game.

2v2 matchmaking is a big focus for improvement right now. We’ll be shipping improvements to it in the near future.

I do hope you better update your matchmaking. Coz I don’t want to be matched up against this kind of opponent:
image image
Seriously!? Level 13 commander against level 8 commander? Level 13 grrilla and level 16 reaper? Not done yet? I matched up with them twice in the past 3 matches:

Very frustrating.

Sorry, that looks like a pretty tough few matchups. We’re actively working on improvements to 2v2 matchmaking (especially 2v2 matchmaking).

Thank you. Better hurry coz im sure it wasnt just me who gets frustrated with this kind of matchmaking. Another example and we met them for two consecutive game! Free rank up for them, sorry for us who only have low level troops:

image image image

Another one. Level 13 commander vs. Level 8 commander.
Level 11+ reaper, dreadnaught, lightning walker, nuke truck, sky sweeper, name it. They all have the firepower. And I am matched up with them in two consecutive game. Wow!

image image image image image

I don’t see how in 1v1 or 2v2 this is an issue. For you to have a lvl 8 commander in tier five gold, I wouldn’t expect you to see anyone near your level card or commander wise. I can’t imagine how good you’ve played to get there. I’m at lvl 11 for my commanders and 11-12 for most of the troops I use and have only made it to gold 4.

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Got to diamond1 with a lv 13 commander and only one level 14 troop. Just know that if your being matched with that you have good strategy. I had met maxed bots and had to find a way around them. I won because I had a rush deck but also because of timing and gold card draw. It’s balanced that if you are matched with a better person the “random” card draw will be better for you and worse for them.

I don’t see that being “good” of countering someone else’s moves is a good reason for these kind of matchups. Of course, I am learning the advantage and disadvantage of each troops. Its not just I drop all of them and hoping I can overpower them eventually. That’s the point of the game, right? You need to use the counter for certain troops to have a good advantage. Let’s say you dropped the frag grenade and the raiders are still alive, will it won’t affect your game flow? If you are planning to drop a tank to start your counter offense, that would not work because the raiders are still alive and can swarm your tank. If all the counter attacks would not work, what’s the point of having the knowledge of the troops if at some point all those high level troops will overpower all the troops they would face because they are just so strong. Here’s another set of troops and Ive met them for two consecutive games. Level 16 raider, level 16 pyro, level 15 nuke truck and level 16 ant queen. Honestly, my highest troop is level 12 cyclops (1 in my deck) and level 12 cloud manta (2 in my deck). And you think it seem ok and fair? Rank up for them, rank down for me:
image image

I’m just pointing out that with 1v1 and 2v2 that if you only faced commanders and cards near your level it would be easy especially for you to be a challenger. Since your already so highly ranked. To me this is the grinding part of the game that you either have to put in the time daily and wait for your coins and cards to upgrade or drop some dough to be competitive against players with stronger commanders and cards as you move up in rank.


Matchmaking in general is horrible. I am mid gold level being match with mid diamond and even the level above that. Loose two or three in a row then win one playing against lower rank. What’s up with that. Why can you not have a more even match. It is really not fun for either side.

Because it’s a “learning and strategy” game

Do you work for the game or what?

No. I’ve been here long enough to know what they are going to say tyvm.

I know I complain. They push a button. I get smoked. The squeaky wheel gives up and life goes on.

I know I complain. They push a button. I get smoked. They squeaky wheel moves on down the road life goes on.

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