Matchmaking issue (hacked?)


I imagine you don’t care for call-out posts so I won’t name the players openly. But twice today I, at silver-4, got into 2v2 draws against a pair of players who are respectively Diamond and gold level. Never yet experienced such a mismatch until now.


Thanks for the heads-up @Fellixe. There should be an 800-medal maximum range limit for matchmaking and it may be that there was some edge-case situation that was happening here. We’ll take a look at those battles to see if there’s something bigger lying underneath.


I got put against a Champion and a diamond on a random match tonight. I was playing a gold 2 and my partner a gold 1. Lol


Are you kidding…my silver 5 is regularly matched with gold 3,4 and up. And if if I get lucky and beat one…they throw diamonds at me. The other day in 2v2…I played against a champion…had to look it up to even know what it was…their units were almost all maxed @ 17. And this is not just a random thing. It happens to everyone I know. Not hacked…it’s a deliberate manipulation.

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That’s not a thing I see happen very often at all. When I posted this topic it happened with a specific pair of players twice on the same day.

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