Matchmaking is crap


U tell me how this is fair lmfao.
If they are duos from guild they have the advantage over two randoms and yet ur matchmaking puts them with weaker matchs up against randoms.
GENIUS lets give the casuals that make up the core of the population absolutely no way to win or have fun and just let the whales dominate lowbies… few weeks later… o the whales are complaining that matchmakings taking too long lets have them bash on even lower ranks! That should fix the population problem!


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Things should be better once the game gets an Android release



Only my rogue is champion. My legion is not and is ranked lower. Hence why the match up with you.



Dear @Kimchee:

For sure this is a major problem. I personally am super sad about this issue and have spent a lot of my focus thinking about it.

Here’s the problem, as I see it:

  • There aren’t yet very many players at the high levels of the game (haha — I think I know them all by name).
  • Those players were experiencing very long wait times because there’s no one to match with (I’ve seen many wait times for these players in the 45min+ range.)
  • Our data shows that once players rank up and start seeing long wait times, many of them start quitting the game with very high correlation.
  • The ideal solution to this problem is: “convince many more people to play the game, and wait months for enough of them to rank up to diamond II so there’s enough other top rank players for them to match with. Since there will then be so many diamond/challenger players, there won’t be crazy wait times for them anymore.”
  • We’re working as hard as we can to do this, but it’s going to take a while.
  • In the meantime, I don’t think it’s reasonable to tell our top players that they need to wait up to an hour to get a match for a 3 minute game. If we do that, all our existing top players will derank or quit playing before anyone new ranks up to make things more liquid. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • So, for now, if we want top players to have wait times under 5 minutes, we need to allow these top ranked players to match with a wider set of opponents than the small pool of other top players.
  • We understand that this results in more matches which feel unfair — and we understand this is a terrible thing. We’re in an ugly place where the immediate choices we have are allowing 45 minute wait times for our top players (and probably driving them to quit the game) vs having some amount of “bad matches”. I personally believe we’re picking the lesser of two evils.
  • I sincerely hope that this problem is very transitory and we can improve things such that everyone can get “good, fair matches” with a reasonable wait time.

This isn’t meant to be an excuse, but an explanation. I definitely agree this isn’t ideal. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.


EXACTLY how long?

Bravo! Glad someone finally got a screenshot of this madness!

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just curious…how many players have ranked up to diamond for the first time since you initiated rank decay…



Only way to solve this problem is Release the game on Android devices and add more Bots in game.



You know I was just looking at the top rated alliances…and the #1 alliance has 50 diamond plus members! It is no wonder that they have a hard time finding suitable opponents! Just wondering if you have ever thought about setting a limit on how many top ranked players can be in one alliance. If those 50 plus top ranked players were separated into 10 different alliances there would be plenty of opportunity for balanced match ups. Or set up an arena within the alliance where they can battle each other for dominance, points, boxes, etc… You can’t keep feeding them virgins to keep them destroying the village guys…got to be some other answer.



@ElOhssa to be honest I don’t think anyone has brought that issue up before. It’s an interesting point for sure.



Ideally the Android release will fix this too.



What? Each faction has its own rank, ur legions showing champion in the screen buddy lol



While its not ideal, But u tell me how this match up is fair? image
Two randoms vs two randoms, instea of putting one diamond and gold on each side u guys put two diamonds vs two gold LOLOLOL FUCKING GENIUS

How about having matchups queue against same alliance members unless they are duo partners, if they are two high lvl duo pairs then have a warning queue will be slower and they should queue for solo or random if they want to play faster. Queuing as dup gives them the advantage so its fair to have them either wait or queue up separately imo or have duos only q with duos but doubt theres enough players for that



Hi @Kimchee.

I agree this example is horrendous unfair match. Like the previous one, it has the same root cause (see my answer above).

We had to widen the search bands for all modes – diamond+ players were seeing crazy long matchmaking queue times when they did 2v2 or 1v1. I don’t think it’s a viable solution to have any game mode provides our most dedicated players 45min+ waits for 3 minute games. We had that previously, and it was causing our top players to quit the game – making the problem even worse.

To be clear: I fully agree this is a bad, unfair match. I’m really sad this happens and I really wish it didn’t. We’re in a position where we’re choosing the least-bad option among many bad options. At some point in the future I hope we will have enough liquidity of players at every rank to match them with each other fairly without long wait times.



Its not about wait time or unfair, why not distribute the ranks evenly??? Instead of two golds vs two diamonds. Why not one gold one diamond vs one gold one diamond??? They arnt even in the same alliance so whats the problem? What does that have to do with anything u said?



Im talking about the last screenshot i posted btw if u look we are all randoms but matchmaking put the two higher lvls against the two lower lvls.



I have to say that since the ranks decayed yesterday match making is even worse I am frequently against lower ranked opponents who pull out units 2-3 levels above mine. The drop in rank was probably too much for higher players. I’m not sure if your algorithm takes unit levels and commander levels into account when pairing people up but it absolutely should.



That wont matter as time progresses as they will climb higher and out of range after a while but it just depends on when range is hit, if they keep making the rank differences worse then it wont matter.

In a p2w game like this usually the p2w would climb high fast enough to only vs other p2w BUT because of the lack of people they made matchmaking sorse for us casuals and let the higher ranks match a wider range of lvls. And because of this a lot of their player base is quiting and they are just catering to their food supply aka the p2w


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