Matchmaking is bull$#!t

As a gold 5/6 in 2v2 I keep getting paired with other golds, then matched against allied diamond 4s. Not a one off, multiple times. So I go to 1v1 and just now twice in a row as a gold 4 I’m matched against purples?!? How the hell am I expected to win, or even enjoy games with matchmaking like this?

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Ya when are we getting card lvl matchmaking???
In this last event I played vs max lvl 17ers every single match I was using ym Val which was lvl 13. The only reason it didn’t bother me is cuz I still stomped them but still…

Hi King. We really wanted to make this system work, but we’ve also come to the conclusion it’s unworkable with the size of our current player base. We are working on a total revamp of the system, but it’s a major change and is going to take us a long time to build. Last time we made less major changes to our matchmaking system it took us months and it caused a bunch of fires and issues – it’s a dangerous thing to modify and will require a bunch of time and I’m sure a bumpy road ahead. I hope you stick with us as we go through the journey.


I kept track of my games today. 40 games. 17% of the matches I punched down in levels 1 or 2. 20% of the time my games were actually even. A lovely 62.5% of the time I played against people higher level than me. 4 of those matches I had to punch up 3-4 levels. It’s not surprising to me at all I’m stuck at my current rank with this garbage unfair match making Happening.

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This is so true , matchmaking is bull poop

So would it motivate you guys if people quit purchasing in game ?

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@𝕂𝕖𝕖𝕓𝕝𝕖𝕣 … last event was dominated by bots. #conspiracytheory

Probably not. They’ll just come up with some gimmick to exploit new players.

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