Matchmaking at Events


Wouldn’t it be much better if the Event decks were default decks in relation to the levels of the units? This would also solve the problems with matchmaking. Players with high ranks often have units with much more higher levels than a player with a lower rank. Right now it feels like the matches are too dependent on luck: if you get an equal opponent and of course if you have the right cards at the beginning of the match. But losing because the opponents units are stronger because of a higher level is really frustrating and kills the fun imho.


High ranks doesn’t always mean high level. Sausage places 1st often and hasn’t a unit above 10


Not always but in most of the matches imho. I won some matches today against lower ranks just because my units had higher levels. And lost a game against a Diamond 3 (I‘m Gold 1) who had higher units than me. Unit levels definitely have an effect on the chance to win. Especially in 1 on 1 and at the events because ppl usually pick almost the same units.


High ranks doesn’t mean high lvl units, I am a diamond rank player and 1 of the top 100 players in the game with only lvl 13 units!!! I’ve matched up with silver and low gold rank players with units lvl 15 16 and I still win, the game isn’t built on unit lvl but on skills, well not all the time :joy: unit lvls do shift game winnings but still skills is an important factor plus luck with deck draw


That‘s what I said. At a match with players with the same skill, unit levels and luck will be the factors of winning or losing. So why no decks with same level units at the events?